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CLC Unit 25 Cumulative Verbs SET C Latin Verbs recipiō - vulnerō

recipiō, recipere, recēpī, receptus

recover, take back

recūsō, recūsāre, recūsāvī, recūsātus


redeō, redīre, rediī, reditus

return, go back

relinquō, relinquere, relīquī, relictus

leave behind, relinquish

resistō, resistere, restitī


retineō, retinēre, retinuī, retentus

hold back, keep, retain

ruō, ruere, ruī, rutus


saeviō, saevīre, saeviī, saevītus

be in a rage, be furious

scīō, scīre, scīvī, scītus


soleō, solēre + INF

be accustomed (to do something), usually

sum, esse, fuī

to be

supersum, superesse, superfuī


suscipiō, suscipere, suscēpī, susceptus


temptō, temptāre, temptāvī, temptātus

try, attempt

teneō, tenēre, tenuī, tentus

hold, have, possess

tollō, tollere, sustulī, sublātus

raise, lift up

trahō, trahere, trāxī, tractus

drag, pull

trānseō, trānsīre, trānsiī, transitus

go across, cross

vertō, vertere, vertī, versus


vexō, vexāre, vexāvī, vexātus

annoy, bother

vincō, vincere, vīcī, victus

win, conquer

vītō, vītāre, vītāvī, vītātus

avoid, shun

vīvō, vīvere, vīxī, victus

live, be alive

volō, velle, voluī + INF

to want (to do something), be willing + INF

vulnerō, vulnerāre, vulnerāvī, vulnerātus

wound, injure

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