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The Constitution stated that the requirements for being president are all of the following except

Being a member of a political party

Which of the following represents reasons why presidents have trouble getting their legislative agenda passed?

I. Other policymakers have their own agendas and interests II. Other policymakers have their own sources of power III. Congress is not beholden to the president but to other interests IV. The influence of special interest groups and lobbyists play a significant role

Examples of people on the White House staff include all of the following except

The vice president

After Congress passes an appropriations bill, the president may do all the following except

Send it directly to the Supreme Court for judicial review

When the president needs support, which of the following does he look to?

I. The federal bureaucracy II. The cabinet III. The president's party leadership in Congress IV. Public support

Using the bully pulpit referes to a president

Using the power and influence of his office to exert pressure

When an international event that is interpreted as an imminent threat to the United States takes place, the immediate effect in the president's approval rating is usually

A sharp increase

Which of the following describes a presidency that has become too powerful?

An imperial presidency

All the following help to explain the president's difficult in controlling the media except

The president's press secretary encourages media scrutiny

Which of the following is responsible for the preparation of executive spending proposals submitted to Congress?

Office of Management and Budget

All the following are formal or informal sources of presidential power except

Presidential authority to raise revenue

The President uses which of the following methods to persuade reluctant members of Congress to vote for a particular bill?

Makes a direct appeal to the public

Invocation of the War Powers Act of 1973 would be most important in determining

The nature of the commitment of United States Marines to a peace-keeping role in Bosnia

The usefulness to the president of having cabinet members as political advisers is undermined by the fact that

The loyalties of cabinet members are often divided between loyalty to the president and loyalty to their own executive departments

Which of the following represents the best example of a case dealing with original jurisdiction?

A review of New York and New Jersey arguing over property rights related to Ellis Island

Which of the following actions requires senatorial courtesy?

Senators from the state in which a judicial appointment is being made by the president are informed of who the candidate is prior to the actual appointment

Which of the following committees is responsible for reviewing Supreme Court nominees?

Senate Judiciary

Acceptance of a writ of certiorari is based on all the following criteria except

A vote by three Supreme Court justices

Which represents a major reason for the submission of an amicus curiae brief?

A friend of the court wishes to provide additional information to the Court

The case of which of the following Supreme Court justices handed down the most activist decisions?

Earl Warren

An example of a decision that would be classified as activist is

Brown v Board of Education

The Court of which of the following Chief Justices is best known for exercising judicial restraint?

William Rehnquist

Critics of judicial activism would favor a Supreme Court that would

Act as a watchdog over the other branches of government

Critics of judicial restraint would favor a Supreme Court that would

Create new precedent

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