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Light Microscope

Microscope where light passes through one or more lenses to produce an enlarged image of a specimen

Electron microscope

Forms an image of a speciman using a beam of electrons rather then light


The ability to make an image appear larger then actual size


Measure of the clarity of an image

Sconning tunneling microscope

Microscope that uses a needle-like probe to measure differences in voltage caused by electrons that leak, or tunnel, from the surface of the object being viewed

Cell Theory

The theory that, all living things are made of one or more cells

Cell membrane

Outer boundary of a cell


Interier of a cell


System of microscopic fibers in the cell


Cellular structures on which proteins are made


Single-celled organism that lacks a nucleus and other internal compartments

Cell wall

Wall surrounding the cell membrane that provides structure and support


Long, thread like structures that protude from the cells surface and enable movement


Organism whose cells have a nucleus


Internal compartment that houses the cells DNA


Structure that carries out specific activities in the cell


Short hairlike structures that protrude from the surface of some eukaryote cells


Lipid made of a phosphate group and two fatty acids

Lipid Bilayer

Phospholipids arranged in a double layer

Endoplasmic reticulum

Extensive system of internal membranes that move proteins and after substances through the cell


Small, membrane-bound sac taht transports substances in a cell


Set of flattened, membrane-bound sacs that serve as a packaging and distribution center of the cell


Small, spherical organelles that contain the cells digestive enzymes


Organelle that harvests energy from organic compounds to make ATP


Organells that use light energy to make carbohydrates from carbondioxide and water

Central vacuole

Large, membrane-bound space

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