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force applied through a distance


a device that changes the force or increases the motion from work

simple machine

a machine that does work with only one movement of the machine

compound machine

- a combination of two or more simple machines


the ratio of output work to input work

mechanical advantage

the ratio of the output force to the input force


the ability to cause change

kinetic energy

energy due to motion

potential energy

energy that is stored due to the interactions between objects

elastic potential energy

energy that is stored by compressing or stretching an object

gravitational potential energy

energy that is due to the gravitational forces between objects

law of conservation of energy

states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy can only be converted from one form to another or transferred from one place to another.

mechanical energy

the sum of the kinetic energy and the potential energy of the objects in a system


the rate at which energy is converted


a repeating disturbance that transfers energy through matter or space

transverse wave

where particles in the medium moves back and forth at right angles to the direction that the wave travels

longitudinal wave

where matter in the medium moves back and forth along the same direction that the wave travels

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