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persentation strategy

Establishing objectives for the sales presentation, preparing the presale presenation plan needed to meet those objectives, and renewing ones commitment to prociding outstanding customer service


activites that precede the actual sales call and set the stage for a personalized sales approach, tailored to the specific needs of the prospect. this involves the planning necessary for the actual meeting with a prospect


the first contact with the prospect. ojectives: build rapport with the prospect, capture full attention, and generate interest in the product you are selling

action objective

something that you want a customer to do during a salescall

six step presenation plan

preperation involving the those activities that will take place during the sales presentation


process of using telephone for sales

elevator speech

focuses on the benefit of working with the salesperson and is used to open the door and establish credibility to meet a need

sales call reluctance

includes thoughts, feelings, and behavorial patterns that conspire to limit what a salesperson can accomplish

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