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immunity, lymphatic system, anatomy

Active Immunity

a person is exposed naturally or artificially to an antigen and their own immune system provides immunity

Passive Immunity

another person or animal develops immunity and the immunity is transferred to a nonimmune person

Active Natural Immunity

natural exposure to an antigen/virus; immune system responds; 1st exposure causes symptoms because person is not immune

Active Artificial Immunity

antigens are deliberately introduced in a vaccine to stimulate immune system; preferred method for acquired adaptive immunity

Passive Natural Immunity

antibodies from the mother are transferred to her child thru placenta (IgG) or milk (IgA) providing baby with protection for a few months

Passive Artificial Immunity

the transfer of antibodies thru an antiserum from an animal/ person into a human requiring immunity; used for rabies/ snake venoms


a vaccine containing an antigen stimulating immunity w/no symptoms; method used for active artificial immunity


antibodies that provide passive artificial immunity

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