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It is on the right side
What does Atticus want the jury to note about Mayella's black eye?
He is left handed
What does Atticus want to jury to note about Mr. Ewell?
Tom has a left hand that is crippled.
What is important to note about Tom?
Jem was thinking that Atticus had won the case before the jury had come back with the verdict- AKA "counting chickens before the eggs hatch"
At the end of Chapter 17, Jem thinks that Atticus will win the case, but Scout says, "I thought Jem was counting his chickens." What does that mean?
Jean Louise Finch (Scout)
What is the narrator's name?
Jeremy Atticus Finch (Jem)
What is the narrator's brother's name?
Atticus Finch
What is the main character's father's name?
Boo Radley, Miss Rachel, Miss Maudie, Mr. Avery, etc.
Tell one of the main character's neighbors' names.
Charles Baker Harris (Dill)
What is the name of the boy who moves in with his Aunt Rachel every summer?
First grade
What grade is Scout in at the beginning of the book?
Touch the Radley's house
Going back to August, Dill dares Jem to do what?
A flicker in the Radley home window is seen after Jem touches the house
After Jem touches the Radley house and runs away, something else happens. What?
Walter Cunningham
Who came home for lunch with Jem and Scout?
A cootie
What was in Burris's hair?
They only attend school the first day, they are dirty, etc.
Give a fact about the Ewell family
A piece of gum
What does Scout first find in the Radley tree hole?
Chews it
What does Scout do with the first gift she finds in the Radley tree hole?
She hears someone laughing inside the Radley house
What is something eerie that happens after Scout crashes the tire in the Radley yard?
Arthur Radley
What is Boo's given name?
She would have seen his body carried out of the house
How does Miss Maudie know that Boo is still alive?
A letter
What do the kids try to give Boo before the knot-hole is closed?
Boo Radley stabbling his father with scissors
What scene do the kids like to act out?
What is "Maycomb's usual disease?"
Finches' cook. Acts as a mother to Scout and Jem b/c their mother died when they were young. Black. Taught Scout to read. Her praise is hard to come by
Describe Calpurnia
He hung out with the wrong crowd (people from Old Sarum) and did some bad things. Was going to be made to go to industrial school, but his father got him out of it.
Why was Arthur Radley in trouble with the law?
Mr. Radley promised Boo would not cause any more trouble, and Mr. Radley's "word was his law" and the judge agreed to let Boo go. Boo was locked up and never seen again for 15 yrs.
How did Arthur escape industrial school?
Boo (33 yrs old) was cutting up the Maycomb Tribune and stabbed his father in the leg with a pair of scissors
Why did Mrs. Radley run into the street screaming that Arthur was killing them all?
Boo was locked up in the courthouse basement.
Where was Arthur locked up?
Nathan Radley comes to take his father's place.
Why doesn't Boo come out of the house after his father dies?
She can read and write already.
Why is Scout in trouble with the teacher on her first day of school?
Atticus is talking about the Great Depression. Professional people do service jobs and need farmers as their clients. Farmers cannot afford professional services, so everyone's poor.
What does Atticus mean when he says that professional people are poor because farmers are poor? (pg. 27)
She calls Walter Cunningham out for pouring syrup all over his dinner. Calpurnia yells at Scout and teaches her about company.
How does Scout get in trouble at dinner?
Burris Ewell has a "cootie" or bug in his hair.
Why does Miss Caroline send Burris Ewell home?
He is very rude and cusses at her.
How does Burris respond to being sent home?
She isn't allow to read or write.
Why doesn't Scout want to go to school?
He tells Scout to consider things from the other person's point of view and to "climb into his skin and walk around in it."
What does Atticus suggest is the way to get along with people?
Yes, if she doesn't tell Miss Caroline.
Will Atticus continue to read to Scout?
Answers vary.
What do Jem and Scout find in the knot-hole of the tree?
A person who cannot go to heaven, so he or she just hangs out on lonely roads. If you walk through one, when you die you'll become a Hot Steam too and you go around at night sucking out peoples' breath. One has to say 'angel-bright, light-in-death, get off the road don't suck my breath!" to protect yourself
What is a Hot Steam?
The children are rolling around in the Finch's old car tire and Jem is angry at Scout about saying Hot Steams aren't real. He pushes the tire down the sidewalk as hard as he can, and Scout ends up at the front steps of the Radley house.
How does Scout end up at the front steps of the Radley house?
Someone inside of the house laughing
What does Scout think she hears and she crawls out of the tire?
A widow who loves gardening. Makes the best cakes in the neighborhood, is a friend of Scout and Dill and Jem. She's known Jack Finch since she was a child. A Baptist. Has the children's trust.
Describe Miss Maudie
Dill and Jem want to peek into the Radley house through a loose shutter.
Why do Dill and Jem go for a walk one night at the end of the summer?
She is acting like a girl.
What does Jem say that makes Scout decide to join them?
They say Jem lost his pants to Dill in a game of strip poker, but he actually got them caught on Boo Radley's fence.
What does Dill say happened to Jem's pants? What really happened to them?
Jem says Atticus has never whipped him and he wants to keep it that way. He doesn't want Atticus to know he disobeyed him.
Why does Jem feel he has to go back for his pants?
He finds them mended and folded across the fence.
What happens when Jem goes back for his pants?
He says the tree was sick and dying, but Atticus says the tree looks healthy and alive.
Why does Mr. Radley put cement in the knot-hole?
She sees snow for the first time outside.
Why does Scout scream and tell Atticus the world is ending?
They use dirt and as much snow as they can gather. (5 baskets of dirt, 2 baskets of snow). Peachtree switches for "bones", wood for eyes and nose and buttons. Miss Maudie's sunhat on the head and her hedge-clippers jammed into the man's crook of his arm. At first it looks like Stephanie Crawford but then they make the stomach bigger and it looks like Mr. Avery instead.
What do Jem and Scout use to make a snowman? Who does the snowman look like?
Scout comes home with a stranger's blanket that was mysteriously wrapped around her shoulders while Miss Maudie's house was on fire.
Why does Atticus think Jem and Scout disobeyed him when he told them to stay in front of the Radley house?
She is in surprisingly cheerful spirits, saying that she would have set fire to it herself, but they would have put her in prison. She says she will build herself another house that will be better than the original one.
What is Miss Maudie's reaction to her destroyed house?
No, he knows the black man's word against white man's word will not come out in the black man's favor, no matter how obvious the black man's innocence.
Does Atticus think he will win Tom Robinson's case?
He is a doctor.
What is Uncle Jack's profession?
They don't do anything but make beautiful music for people to enjoy.
Why is it a sin to kill a mockingbird?
"One-Shot Finch" or "Ol' One Shot" because he was the best shot in Maycomb. He was able to shoot things far away very easily, etc.
What was Atticus's nickname when he was a boy? Why?
Always treats Jem and Scout like they are nasty children who did something wrong. Always interrogating them about their behavior and predicting the bitter outcome of their lives.
Why don't the children like Mrs. Dubose?
She wants Jem to come to her house every day for one month and read to her.
What does Mrs. Dubose want Jem to do after he destroys her camellias?
She goes into withdrawals because she was a morphine addict and is using the time Jem is reading to her to wean herself off of the drug. She wanted to die "beholden to nothing and nobody."
Why does Mrs. Dubose suffer from "fits" when Jem and Scout visit her?
A candy box containing a white, waxy, perfect camellia (a Snow-on-the-Mountain) symbolizing thanks and request for forgiveness
What does Mrs. Dubose give Atticus to give to Jem after she dies?
Attius is not there b/c he's in emergency session with the state legislature. Calpurnia asks what the children are doing for church, Scout suggests she and Jem go, but Calpurnia reminds them of the time they misbehaved in church. She decides to take them with her to her black church instead.
Why do Jem and Scout go to church with Cal?
They can't afford them and even if they could, almost no one can read.
Why aren't there any hymn-books at Cal's church?
She can't remember how old she is, but she doesn't think she's that old. She celebrates her birthday on Christmas because it's easiest to remember, and because she doesn't know when her real birthday is.
How old is Cal? When is her birthday?
Aunt Alexandra
Who is waiting on the front steps of the Finch house when the children and Cal return from church?
She believes the children need a "feminine influence" in their lives and she says she will help while Atticus is busy with the trial. The reader also is lead to believe that Alexandra is having issues with her husband back at home.
Why has aunt Alexandra come to stay with the Finches?
She wants to make Scout more ladylike
What is Aunt Alexandra's preoccupation?
Get rid of her.
What does Aunt Alexandra want to do with Calpurnia?
He finds Dill
What does Jem find under Scout's bed?
His parents didn't pay any attention to him at all
Why doesn't Dill like his parents?
He says Boo Radley has never run off because he has no where to run to.
Why does Dill say Boo Radley has never run off?
They find him at the jail
Where do the children find Atticus in chapter 15?
She talks to Walter Cunningham and asks him about his entailment and his son, Walter Cunningham Jr. She gets Mr. Cunningham to stand in Atticus's shoes for a minute which makes him leave.
How does Scout get the mob to leave?
People are arriving for the trial of Tom Robinson from all over.
Why are so many people passing by the Finch house during the morning of the trial?
White farmers
What type of people make up the jury?
Heck Tate
Who is seated on the witness stand at the beginning of the trial?
She has bruises on the right side of her face, bruises on her arms, and choke-marks on her neck.
Describe Mayella Ewell's injuries
Bob Ewell
Who was the second witness called to the stand?
Live behind the town garbage dump in what was once a black-person cabin amid junk and a thrown-together house.
Where do the Ewells live? Describe their living conditions.
Six chipped-enamel slop jars holding brilliant red geraniums cared for as tenderly as if they belonged to Miss Maudie
What is the one bright spot in the Ewells' yard?
To prove to the jury that he is left-handed.
Why does Atticus ask Mr. Ewell to write his name?
Mayella Ewell
Who is the third witness called to the stand?
19 and a half years old
How old is Mayella?
He is crippled
What is revealed about Tom Robinson when he stands up?
It got caught in a cotton gin when he was a boy. The accident tore all of the muscles loose from his bones and almost made him bleed to death.
What happened to Tom's left arm?
It would be impossible for Tom to beat Mayella as hard as the marks on Mayella show.
Why is this revelation important to the case?
25 yrs old
How old is Tom?
He got into a fight with another man who tried to cut him. He was fined, but couldn't pay the fine, so he went to jail.
Why was Tom in trouble with the law before?
Mayella called him into the house to fix a door.
What does Tom say is the reason he entered the Ewell house on Nov. 21st?
He is Tom Robinson's employer.He yells, "I just want the whole lot of you to know one thing right now. That boy's worked for me eight years an' I ain't had a speck o' trouble outa him. Not a speck."
Who is Link Deas? What does he do to get kicked out of the courtroom?
Mr. GIlmer's treatment of Tom as he does his cross-examination is cruel and makes Dill sad.
Why is Dill crying?
What is in Dolphus Raymond's paper sack?
He says it helps people understand why he lives like he does- it gives them a reason to point to. They can say Dolphus Raymond can't help the way he lives because he's a whisky addict.
Why does Dolphus let people believe it's alcohol?
There is one institution that makes any two men equal and that is a US court
According to Atticus, what is the one way in this country that all men are created equal?
Aunt Alexandra cannot find the children who are at the courthouse. She takes them home for supper
Why has Calpurnia come to the courthouse?
What is the jury's decision in Tom Robinson's case?
Tom's father sends a chicken. Other people send rolls, beans, salt pork, scuppernongs, etc. to show their appreciation
What does Tom Robinson's dad send Atticus? What else is brought to the Finch home?
Two small cakes for Scout and Dill, a slice of "grown-up" cake for Jem symbolizing his growing up
What does Miss Maudie have for the children?
A clown so all he has to do is laugh his head off. This shows how Dill has lost some of his innocence through the trial and wants to be a clown because they are always happy and make other people smile and feel good.
What does Dill say he wants to be when he grows up? Why?
She tells the children that Bob Ewell stopped Atticus on the post corner, spat in his face, and told him he'd get him if it took the rest of his life.
What does Miss Stephanie tell the children about their father?
"I wish Bob Ewell wouldn't chew tobacco."
What is the only thing Atticus will say about the incident with Mr. Ewell?
One of the Cunninghams
Who was the one person on the jury who wanted an acquittal for Tom Robinson?
It's because he wants to stay inside
What is the new reason Jem thinks Boo Radley stays in his house all the time?
Tom Robinson tried to escape from prison and was shot 13 times
Why does Atticus come home early during the missionary circle?