11 terms

Chapter 14 Chemistry Vocab

Mr. Wells
ideal gas constant
8.31 (L KPA)/(Kmol)
Boyles Law
For a given mass of gas at constant temperature, the volume of gas varies inversly with pressure
Dalton's Law of partial pressures
At constant volume and temperature,the total pressure exerted by a mixture of gases is equal to the sum of the partial pressures of the component gases
ideal gas law
p v = n R * T
Combined gas law
(p1 v1)/(t1) = (p2 v2)/(t2)
Charles law
the volume of a fixed mass of gass is directly proportional to the Kelvin temperature if the volume is kept constant
a gas tends to move to an area of lower concentration until the concentration is uniform throughout
partial pressure
the contribution each gas in a mixtur makes to the total pressure
a gas escapes through a tiny hole in its container
Grahams law
the rate of effusion of a gas is directly proportional to the square root of the gas's molar mass.
a measure of how much volume of matter decreases under pressure