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What is Pellinores big news at the beginning of "Arthur becomes king of Britian"?
The king had died with out a heir
How is the new king of england to be chosen in "Arthur becomes king of Britian"?
The new king will be the person who can pull the magical sword from the stone
Why does the author have Sir Ector's group make speaking errors in "Arthur becomes king of Britain?"
To show humorously that they are simple country folk
In "Arthur becomes King of Britain" why does War return to the inn in London?
To get Kay's sword for him
In "Arthur becomes king of Britain," why does sir Kay admit that he did not pull the sword from the stone?
When he is asked, Kay's honor made him admit that he lied
How does sir Kay's attitude change toward wart in "Arthur becomes king of Britain?"
Kay kneels to wart with proper respect
How does wart feel about becoming king In "Arthur becomes king of Britain?"
Reluctant and sad
In "Arthur becomes king of Britain" what heroic qualities does wart have?
A sense of honor and special abilities
Which is the best summary of sir Kay's worldview in "Arthur becomes king of Britain?"
He values fame, importance, and physical strength
Which is the best summary of warts worldview on "Arthur becomes king of Britain?"
He is humble and does no seek power
Which is a feature of legends that is presented in "Arthur becomes king of Britain?"
It focuses on a legendary hero
By making "Arthur becomes king of Britain" somewhat humorous, white is poking fun at the legend of Arthur, what does this tell us about the authors worldview compared to the worldview of those who originally told the story?
White does not take the story as seriously As those who originally told it
In "Arthur becomes king of Britain" why is the death of the old king so important?
He died whiteout leaving a heir
According to "Arthur becomes king of Britain" what does Merlin represent in the Arthurian legend?
The magic that plays a roll in Arthur life
In "Arthur becomes king of Britain" how does wart come upon the sword in the churchyard?
Trying to find Kay's sword, he happens to pass it
What helps wart pull the sword from the stone in "Arthur becomes king of Britain?"
Encouragement from talking animals
What does sir Kay tell his father first about the sword in "Arthur becomes king of Britain?"
Kay says that he pulled the sword from the stone
What does sir Ector's respectful treatment of the wart reveal about his worldview in "Arthur becomes king of Britain?"
Nobility and social rank are very important to him
According to the Author of "Arthur becomes king of Britain" how does warts worldview differ from sir Kay's
Sir Kay would probably be happy to be king, while wart is unhappy
What characteristics of a legendary hero does wart possess in "Arthur becomes king of Britain"
He is honorable and has extraordinary abilities
What does this dialogue reveal about whites view of
What is "Arthur becomes king of Britain" mainly about?
Discovering an unknown identity
What is the setting of the introduction and conclusion of "Morte d' Arthur"?
At a modern-dat Christmas Eve gathering at Francis Allens house
In "Morte d' Arthur," why is the poet Everard Hall hesitant to read his poems to his friends?
He thinks Arthur's legend has been retold too much
In "Morte d' Arthur", what is causing Arthur to die?
A terrible head wound he suffered in battle
Why does Arthur become angry with Sir bedivere in "Morte d' Arthur"?
He knows bedivere didn't throw Excalibur in the lake
What reasons does bedivere give for not throwing the sword in the lake?
He believes Arthur doesn't know what he is saying
When Arthur enters the barge in "Morte d' Arthur", bedivere express dismay about the loss of the days of Camelot. How does Arthur comfort sir bedivere?
He asks bedivere to believe in the power of prayers
In "Morte d' Arthur", how do halls friends react when he has finished telling his story?
Most are fascinated and inspired
Which characteristics of legendary Heros does Arthur posses?
He is "larger than life"
Which passage
Two of the worldviews represented in the poem "Morte d' Arthur" are Tennyson's and the main characters (Arthur, bedivere) what is the third worldview represented in the poem?
The narrators
Which is a typical feature of legends that can be found in Tennyson's poem?
It focuses on the life of a legendary hero
Who is the narrator of the story poem "Morte d' Arthur"?
Everard hall
What makes a Connecticut Yankee a parody?
It poked fun at the Arthurian legends
In a Connecticut Yankee, Hank is in King Arthur's dungeon for an unknown crime. What is hanks punishment to be?
He is to be burned at the stake
At the beginning of a Connecticut Yankee, Hank is having trouble believing that he is really in King Arthur's time. What does he think is happening instead?
He thinks he is dreaming
In a Connecticut Yankee, Clarence tells Hank that he will not help him escape because there are to many guards. What other reason does Clarence give for refusing to help Hank escape from the dungeon?
He is afraid of the spell he believes Merlin has cast
In a Connecticut Yankee, Clarence fears Merlin because he believes Merlin is a powerful magician. How does Hank feel about Merlin?
Hank laughs and believes Merlin is fake.
Clarence fear of Merlins magic in a Connecticut Yankee gives Hank an idea that might help him escape. What idea does he have?
To pretend he is a powerful magician too
How does Hank react to the day of his punishment being changed in a Connecticut Yankee?
He loses all hope
In a Connecticut Yankee what finally convinces Hank that he is in the sixth century
An eclipse takes place in the same date as in the sixth century
In a Connecticut Yankee, Hank creates an illusion- something that is not real but appears to be real- to save himself. What illusion does Hank create?
He pretends he is using magic to blot out the sun
What is the crowds reaction to the eclipse in a Connecticut Yankee?
In a Connecticut Yankee, Hank convinces the king and crowd of his power. He does not stop with simply gaining his freedom. He decides to try to get wealth as well. What does this shoe about hanks worldview?
He is practical person who uses reason to manipulate his advantage
The original King Arthur of legend was noble, strong, brave, and smart. How is Twains King Arthur in a Connecticut Yankee a parody of the legendary King Arthur?
Twains Arthur is fearful and ignorant
What is a parody?
A humorous work that imitates the style or ideas of other works in a ridiculous way
What are hanks and Clarence's attitudes toward Merlin in a Connecticut Yankee?
Clarence is terrified of Merlin, while Hank believes Merlin is fake
What is the crowds reaction to the eclipse in a Connecticut Yankee?
They fear Hank and will give him whatever he eants
In what way is Hank a parody of a heroic figure in a Connecticut Yankee?
He is not concerned with things like honor
How is Twains King Arthur in a Connecticut Yankee s parody of the legendary King Arthur?
Twains Arthur shows exaggerated fear that is humorous and not like a legendary hero
At the beginning of the part of "Morte d' Arthur" that is about Arthur's deaths , what has happened to Arthur and his Knights?
They have been defeated in a hard battle
In "Morte d' Arthur" Arthur sends bedivere to cast Excalibur into the lake. Then, Arthur asks bedivere what he has seen. What does Arthur ask this question.
Arthur knows that a hand will rise up to receive the sword
How does Arthur comfort sir bedivere in Arthur's final moments in "Morte d' Arthur"?
He ask bedivere to believe in the power of prayer
What are the three main worldviews represented in the poem "Mortd d' Arthur"?
Tennyson's, the narrators, and the characters
What is the most important thing that legends do for a culture or society?
They help shape people's culture identity and reflect their values
Sir Ector's is a ....... About honesty and duty
The young college graduate was astonished at the tremendous ..... Of the corporation.
Which character form " Arthur becomes king of Britain" is most likely to be a stickler about keeping up proper appearances in front of others while in London?
Sir kay
What would most likely make king pellinore from "Arthur becomes king of Britain" react petulantly?
Being interrupted while he is telling a story
What is an example of disparagement
A student harshly criticizing a classmates essay
What is a synonym for the word languid?
Use multitude in a sentence
The multitude cheered loudly
What is a example of a calamity?
A volcano erupts and destroys buildings
The great swords of famous Knights were made on the ..... Of a blacksmith.
Arthur's ... Of Sir Bediveres failure to obey his commands shamed the knight into doing as his king asked
The behavior of the rowdy fans at the soccer game could best de described as.....
What is a antonym for the word languid?
King Arthur is most similar to the King Arthur in which reading?
Morte d' Arthur
What role does Guinevere play in the movie
Illustrates the compassionate side of Arthur
What role do the Saxons play in the movie
They play the role of the vikkains
How is this movie most different from other Arthurian legends?
Arthur is half Roman in this movie
What is the fundamental worldview in this movie?
Freedom is all important in this movie
Describe the setting of sir Gawain and the green knight?
Camelot- Christmas festivities
How would you best describe the tone of the green Knights as he addresses King Arthur and his court?
What challenge does the green knight give the court of King Arthur?
Trade 1 stroke of the gisarme for another
Who takes up the challenge?
King Arthur and then Sir gawain
Sir Gawain was able to....?
Cut off the head of the green knight
What weakness does Gawain show during his travels to find the green knight?
He fails to give the lord of the green chapel the magic green girdle he received
How is sir Gawain feeling as he arrives at the green chapel to face the green knight?
He senses peril and doom ahead of him
Why doesn't the green knight bring down the sword on the first pass?
He accidentally dropped the sword
On the third and final stroke the ax of the green knight......?
Nicked sir Gawain barely and caused a small trickle of blood to fall
The purpose of the challenge was...?
To test the loyalty and chivalry of sir gawain
What worldview does the unknown author of sir Gawain most likely have?
Part of chivalry is 100% honesty and loyalty
What deal was made with the lord of the house?
To trade whatever they received at the end of each day
The Arthur in this story is most like the Arthur in which story?
King Arthur, the movie
In what way did Gawain fail his quest?
He did not give the lord of the house the girdle
What weapon does the green knight bring to Camelot?
This person tells Corrie, "some knowledge is too heavy for children...For now you must trust me to carry it for you."
Jew who puts own pets to sleep due to fear of being taken by Germans ?
"The bulldog"
Corrie's "favorite" nephew who is talented musically?
Because of this persons "rigid honesty", when asked if the woman in his/her home is a Jew,this person says, "yes," is arrested, and is forced to spend seven weeks in prison before being released because a prison doctor deems low blood pressure a serious condition
Goes to the hospital (from the concentration camp) with edema; is released from hospital/camp when swelling goes down; becomes public speaker
Talks about Jesus in hut; has many questions; wants to know about him; struggles with personal "darkness" and his own "prison
Lieutenant Rahms
German soldier who is sympathetic to the cause of the jews
Suddenly becomes engaged to someone else
Meyer Mossel, a Jew who came to live with the ten Boom family?
Brother; active in hiding and helping the jews?
House in Haarlem, Holland
Daughter of Nollie who tells the German soldiers where to find her brothers?
Dies in concentration camp, never stops praying for/ loving her enemies; dreams of helping enemies one day
German guard at ravensbruck who provided Corrine with an unexpected chance to see her sister Betsy?
"The snake"
Asks corrie what she needs; smuggles the four Gospels, two bars of soap, and a packet of safety pins to her?
Hospital nurse
Herman slurring was rich customer of the ten Boom family who was very kind and generous
In prison, the guards frequently threaten "Kalte kost." This means
Bread ration alone, without hot food
How does the ten Boom family signal to others that their house is a safe place?
They place a wooden sign in the window doorstep
The ten Boom family owns a/an....
Watch shoop
What does otto(the young German who comes to work for the ten booms and is later fired by father) do to make Willemstad and the others suspicious of his beliefs?
He calls the Old Testament "the Jews book of lies", he is deliberately mean to Chridtoffe,s, an elderly employee, he brags about his membership in the hitler youth
How does Corrine view herself?
Humbly; she doesn't think to highly of herself but finds strength to do what is right
What turns out to be a blessing to Corrie and Betsy because the guards stay away?
How could one best describe the usual contrast between Corrie and Betsy?
Corrie doubts and fears/ bestie trusts and hopes
The ten Booms secret room is located?
In Corries bedroom
How can people in the house be alerted that they need to get to the secret room Immediately?
Someone will press a buzzer
Describe what happens with the Davitamon bottle (Betsy's medicine) in the camp?
Somehow, the medicine never runs out
What is odd about Betty's appearance when she dies?
She looks healthy and beautiful cannot see her
What symbol are Jews forced to wear?
A six-pointed yellow star
Does Corrie ever get married
What do Corrie and Betsy do for the woman in their prison cells/concentration camp barracks?
They hold bible studies back
This novel is told by who?
What nationality are the members of the ten booms family?
Jan Vogel became.... To the ten boom family
A traitor
What do the bicycles symbolize in the novel?
All the worn out people
An antagonist in the story is:
A static character in the novel is:
A dynamic character is a novel is one who....
Changes in some significant way during the novel
Which type of irony is similar to sarcasm?
What astronomer made maps as early as 150 a.d.
"Derived" means
Reached by reasoning
"Impervious means
Not affected by
Who was John Harrison
Intelligent, yet uneducated man who constructed a clock that work while traveling across the ocean
Why is "the spider and the wasp" and expository essay
It explains and describes a natural phenomenon to readers