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estoy hablando

I am talking

me estoy acostando

I'm going to bed

se está peinando

She's combing her hair

nos estamos poniendo la ropa

We are putting on clothes

está leyendo

she is reading

estoy trayendo

I am bringing

se están durmiendo

they are falling asleep

te estás bañando

you are bathing

se está secando

she is drying

te estás levantando

you are getting up

me estoy cepillando

I am brushing

se está afeitando

he is shaving

te estás duchando

you are showering

se está despertando

she is waking up

se está maquillando

she is putting on makeup

está diciendo

he is saying

estamos leyendo

we are reading

estoy haciendo

I am doing

estamos comiendo

we are eating

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