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Austin Reuter, Emily Williamson, Eve Nadeau

A Grassland Biome

Grasslands usually look like an open prairie, with few trees and many types of grasses.

What is the average temperature of a Grassland?

20'F in Janurary, and 70'F in July

What are the two types of grasses?

Tall and short grasses

What are grasslands known as in South America?


Are bison a normal type of animal for the grassland?


Climate of grassland?


Type of soil in grassland?

Thin and dry

Precipitation of grassland?

25-75 cm

Grasses of grassland?

Buffalo grass, Sunflower, clover, blazing star

T/F Dormant season is to cold for grasses to grow.


T/F vegetation flourishes in variety of trees


T/F grasses can survive fires


T/F Large herbivores may shape grasslands in a number of ways.


T/F There are two major threats to grasslands - conversion to agriculture (or urban areas) and global warming and its attendant changes in precipitation


T/F Today, a top area of research is prairie restoration. To accomplish this, invasive and non-native species must be removed, and native species planted and maintained



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