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To Kill a Mockingbird - Character Identification


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Atticus Finch
a single dad and a lawyer who defends a black man
Scout Finch
Atticus's daughter; the narrator
Jem Finch
Scout's older brother; his arm becomes broken when he is 12.
The cook, housekeeper, and disciplinarian for the Finches
Aunt Alexandra
Atticus's sister who lives with the Finches while the trial is going on
Jack Finch
Atticus's brother, a bachelor, a doctor
Dill Harris
Scout's friend who only visits in the summer; he has a big imagination; his parents ignore him
Miss Rachel
Dill's aunt; neighbor to the Finches
Miss Maudie
An open-minded neighbor of the Finches; she loves to garden and bake cakes; her house burns down
Mrs. Dubose
An mean, old lady who beats her morphine addiction; she is rude to the children
Boo Radley
The mysterious neighbor whom the children have never seen
Nathan Radley
The brother of Arthur who seldom speaks; he sealed up the knot-hole of the tree with cement
Heck Tate
Maycomb's sheriff
Mr. Gilmer
The prosecuting attorney
Tom Robinson
A hardworking black man accused of rape; Atticus's client; his left arm was badly injured in a cotton gin accident
Bob Ewell
An alcoholic father who is rarely home; he is left-handed; he likely beat his own daughter
Mayella Ewell
She is lonely; she grows red geraniums in her yard; she kisses Tom Robinson and then accuses him of rape
Mr. Walter Cunningham, Sr.
An poor farmer who will not accept anything he cannot pay back
Miss Stephanie Crawford
A gossipy neighbor
Miss Caroline Fisher
Scout's 1st grade teacher
Dolphus Raymond
A white man who prefers to live with black people; he appears drunk whenever he comes to town; he drinks out of a bottle in a brown paper bag.
Mr. Underwood
Owner of the town's newspaper
Walter Cunningham, Jr.
poor kid; hard working; Scout beats him up
Burris Ewell
poor kid; bully; has "cooties"
Mr. Avery
neighbor to the Finch's; kids see him pee off the porch
Francis Hancock
Alexandra's grandson; second cousin to Scout & Jem
Judge Taylor
assign's the Robinson case to Atticus
Reverend Sykes
The pastor of Calpurnia's church; he sits with the children at the trial.