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Differences between Estrous and Menstrual Cycles

F-phase E
F-phase M
Ovulation E
at the beginning and end of cycle
Ovulation M
middle of cycle (14)
L-phase E
80% of cycle
L-phase M
50% of cycle
Fertile period E
24 hrs or less
Fertile period M
up to 6 days before ovulation
Endometrial Sloughing E
Endometrial Sloughing M
after luteolysis
Luteolysis E
uterine PGF2a
Luteolysis M
ovarian PGF2a
Sexual Rec. E
well defined
Sexual Rec. M
uniform through cycle
P4 fxn. and sexual rec. E
inhibits GnRH release
inhibits sex. rec.
P4 fxn. and sexual rec. M
inhibits GnRH release
dosn't influence sex. rec.
Menopause E
Menopause M
well characterized