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Streetcar Named Desire (Mr. Rios)

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1. What subject did Blanche teach at Laurel High School?
How does Mitch verify the stories Stanley tells him about Blanche?
He speaks with a supply man named Shaw and a merchant named Kiefaber
Where does Stanley see Eunice after her fight with Steve?
At the local bar
Where does Blanche meet Mitch?
At the Kowalskis' apartment
Which song does Blanche sing while taking a bath?
"It's Only a Paper Moon"
What poet's quote is in the inscription of Mitch's cigarette case?
Browning "And if God choose, // I shall but love thee better - after - death!"
What are the bonds shared by Mitch and Stanley?
They served in the army together
They play poker together
They work at the same automotive parts company
What type of music was playing when Blanche's young husband committed suicide?
A Polka
Where is Shep Huntleigh from?
Stella left Belle Reve after the death of which family member?
Her father
Which of the following events occurs first?
(A) Eunice gets in a fight with Steve
(B) Blanche kisses the Young Collector
(C) Stella goes into labor
(D) Blanche meets Mitch
(D) Blanche meets Mitch
Which of the following accurately describes Elysian Fields?
(A) Ethnically diverse, working class, quiet
(B) Mostly white, working class, noisy
(C) Ethnically diverse, working class, noisy
(D) Mostly Hispanic, middle class, sparsely populated
(C) Ethnically diverse, working class, noisy
What does Blanche say caused her family to lose Belle Reve?
Her ancestors' "epic fornications"
What does Blanche pretend to find when Mitch comes by while Stella is in labor?
Who lives upstairs from Stanley and Stella?
Steve and Eunice
What does Stella profess she likes to do for her sister?
Serve her
What does Blanche give the Young Collector?
A kiss
Which of the following does not function as a symbol in A Streetcar Named Desire?
(A) Beer
(B) Lamplight
(C) The Varsouviana polka tune
(D) Meat
(A) Beer
Why is Blanche grateful to the doctor in the final scene?
He is a kind stranger
What doesn't Blanche know?
(A) Shep Huntleigh's phone number and address
(B) Where the liquor is in the Kowalski apartment
(C) Where the Flamingo Hotel is
(D) How to tie her shoes
(A) Shep Huntleigh's phone number and address
Where is Stella when Blanche first arrives at Elysian Fields?
At the bowling alley
Why did Blanche leave her job as a schoolteacher in Laurel?
She had an affair with a young male student
What material is Mitch's jacket made from?
What sound does Blanche always hear before the Varsouviana music in her head stops?
The bang of a gunshot
What does Stanley buy Blanche for her birthday?
A Bus ticket
Why does Blanche feel resentment towards Stella about Bella Reeve?
Stella left after her their father's death
What code does Stanley suggest gives him the right to Stella's property?
Napoleonic Code
What symbol in the play represents Blanche's desire to hide her age?
The paper lantern
What two things does Blanche want from Mitch? Hint, they both start with the letter M.
Marriage and Magic
What is the last line of the play?
"This game is a seven-card stud."