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greek Mythology

*Proclaimed she was as good a weaver as Athene
*Athene turns her into a spider
*Arachnid is the classification for 8 legged creatures/ spiders
*Created by Zeus as a punishment to man
*Hermes gave her a beautiful box filled with the ills of the world
* Hera gave her curiosity
*Father of top six gods (Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Hestia, Demeter); swallows all but Zeus
*Zeus fulfills the prophecy that one of his chidren will kill him
*name = time
*King of the gods
*Rolls dice with his brothers to divide their father's kingdom
*Like his father Cronos he avoids prophecies by swallowing others
*God of the Underworld
*kidnapped his niece, Persephone
*married to Orpheus
*she truns to smoke when Orpheus looks back to see if she is following him out of the underworld
*comapred to Lot's wife from the Bible
Number 3
*A number that symbolizes power
*Cerebus, Gray Sisters, Nymphs of the West,Gorgon Sisters, Fates, Furies
*Holy Trinity, wisemen, Holy Family
*goddess of earth/harvest
*Roman name is Ceres = cereal
*has a daughter with Zeus
*Poseidon creates animals to woo her
*one of the three Gorgon Sisters
*punished for having met with Poseidon in Athene's temple
* seeing her face would turn you to stone
*beheaded by Perseus
Abraham and Sarah
*He convinced Sarah there was only one God
*attempted to help God in areas where God needed no help (Pharoah, Ishmael, Issac)
King Minos
*King of Crete
* husband to Pasiphae, father to Ariadne and Phaedra
*creator of yearly tributes in Crete
Gray Sisters
*older than time itself
*share one eye and one tooth
*know the location of the Nymphs of the West
Nymphs of the West
*daughters of Atlas
*woo men to their deaths - but not Perseus
*guard Hera's apple tree
*give Perseus the shield, sword, and Cap of darkness he needs to slay Medusa
*god of the Sea
*father of Theseus
*created sea creatures and the horse to impress Demeter
*Cronos's sister and wife
*mother to Hades, Poseidon, Zeus, Demeter, Hestia, and Hera
*hid Zeus as was customary to protect royals (Jesus, Moses, King Arthur)
*Half man half bull
* child of Queen Pasiphae and a bull
*kills the tributes given to Crete each year; is killed by Thesesus
*favored daughter of Zeus, daughter of Leto, twin to Apollo
*goddess of the moon; vow of chastity
*shoots an arrow into a city of unjust men
*responsible for changing Callisto into a bear and placing her in the sky
*son of Queen Althea
*loved Atalanta
*life was ended by mother burning a stick given to her by Atropos, the fate that ends life ("Master Frog," Cinderella)
*daughter to King Minos and Queen Pasiphae and sister to Ariadne
*misfortune of being beautiful
*punished by Aphrodite
*married to Eros
* name means "soul"
*compared story to faith in God and Christ's resurrection
*son of Poseidon; earthly father was King Aegeus
*white sea gull speaks to him in his dreams; compare to Holy Spirit coming to Mary and Joseph and Joseph son of Jacob
*uses his opponents' strengths against them; compare to David and Goliath
*one of the tributes to Crete; killss the Minotaur
*marries Aridane
*blacksmith of the gods
*one of Zeus and Hera's three children
*ugliest of the gods;thrown off a cliff by Hera for being ugly
*marries Aphrodite
*misfortune of being born a girl
*raised by a bear
*falls in love with Meleager
*enrages Artemis because others praise her for her hunting skills
*is temepted/distracted by Hippomenes throwing three golden apples during his race to win her
*a great sculptor of Cyprus
*hated for staying a bachelor
* honors Aphrodite with sculptures of her and agrees to marry once his sculpture of her likeness is complete
*falls in love with his "work"; names her Galatea
*son of Apollo
*responsible for hot and cold regions being created when he drives Apollo's chariot through the sky
*falls in love with his own reflection = narcissitic
*turned into a flower by Aphrodite as punishment for ignoring Echo
*daffodils and jonquils are in this classification of flowers
*goddess of wisdom, war, weaving, math...
*born from Zeus's head
*Aphrodite's favorite story teller
*punished by Hera for lying for Zeus; repeats the last word said to her
*falls in love with Narcissus
*questions Zeus decision to leave man in the "dark"; compare to the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden
* gives man fire
*tethered to a rock for all eternity where vultures eat his liver every day
*second Orpheus
*fed to the sharks by saved by the dolphins
*he and the king trick his captors and put them to death
*daughter to King Minos and Queen Pasiphae and sister to Phaedra
*1/2 sister of the Minotaur
*marries Theseus
*goddess of the hearth
*sister to Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, and Hades
*daughter of King Acrisius of Argos
*mother of Perseus
*desired by King Polydectes
*goddess of love
*married to Hephaestus and mother to Eros
*most beautiful of the goddesses
*turns Arachne into a spider; punishes Psyche for being beautiful; rewards Echo for her stories; punishes Narcissus for loving himself
River Styx
*passageway to Tartarus overseen by Charon
Lot and his wife
*compared to Orpheus and Eurydice; also Artemis' destruction of a city of unjust men
*daughter of King Cepheus of Joppa and Queen Cassiopeia
*saved by Perseus from being sacrificed to a sea monster from Poseidon (Isaac and Abraham)
*marries Perseus
*most beautiful/handsome of the gods
*god of the sun
*son of Zeus and Leto; twin to Artemis
*like Saul/Paul and St. Augustine of Hippo he reforms over time
King Midas
*golden touch
*shows mercy to barber
*satyr slayed by Apollo
*Apollo flaying him and nailing him to a tree is compared to the crucifixtion of Christ; his blood becoming a stream is compared to Christ's blood becoming our living water
Moses as a baby
*like many royal babies in mythology he was hidden at birth and raised by others to greatness
*god of wine
*sometimes associated with King Midas
*queen of the gods
* sister to Hestia, Demeter, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades
King Acrisius
*Danae's father and Perseus's grandfather
*to avoid a son-in-law that would one day want his throne and the fullfillment of the prophecy that a grandson would kill him he first locks his daughter Danae in a tower
*to avoid punishement from the gods, he puts Danae and Perseus out to sea; their food and drink on this journey is compared to the Jews wandering the desert and their prayers being answered by God with manna from heaven
Queen Althea
*Melager's mother
*has the power given to her by the Fate Atropos to end her son's life
*does not approve of Atalanta
*steals one of Apollo's cows
*clever and crafty
*herald to the gods
*wears winged sandals
*musician who puts all of Tartarus in a trance
*married Eurydice
*compared to the story of Lot fleeing Sodom
The Fates
* the three terrible sisters who controlled destiny/fate
*Clotho spun the thread of life on her spindle (made life), Lachesis measured the thread (determined length of life), and Atropos, Lady of the Shears who snipped the thread of life (ended life)
*god of nature
*the word "panic" comes form a cry he gave
*half man half fawn/goat
*Demeter and Zeus's daughter
* Hades's niece and wife
*Queen of the Underworld
*eating the six pomegranate seeds determined her time on earth and in the Underworld = the seasons
*the ferryman of the River Styx
*three-headed dog that guarded the gates of Tartarus
*married to King Cepheu of Joppa and mother to Andromeda
*punished by Poseidon fro proclaiming her own beauty anad that of her daughter was greatert than and Nereid
*name means "Avenger"
* he was very persistent
*visits the Gray Sisters and the Nymphs of the West to find the Gorgon Sisters
*beheads Medusa
*saves and marries Andromeda
Casting Lots
*age old practice of rolling dice or drawing straws to determine the outcome of a situation