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one of the three domains of life, containing single-celled prokaryotes in the kingdom Archaea


one of three domains of life, containing single-celled prokaryotes in the kingdom Bacteria

Binomial Nomehclature

naming system in which each species is given a two-part scientific name (genus and species) using Latin words


method of organizing species by evolutionary relationships in which species are grouped according to the order that they diverged from their ancestral line


diagram that dispays propsed evolutionary relationships among a group of species

Derived Characters

trait that differs in structure of function from that found in the ancestral line for a group of species; used in contributing cladograms


one of the three domains of life, contains all eukaryotes in kingdoms Protista, Plantae, Fungi, and Animals


first name in binomial nomenclature; the second-most specific taxon in the Linnaean classification system that include one or more physically similar species, which are thought to be closely related


evolutionary history of a group of related species


(plural:taxa) level coithin the Linnaean system of classification (kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, or species) that is organized into a nested hierarchy


science of classifying and naming organism


a group of species that shares a common ancestor


a group of species that shares no derived characters with the other groups being studied

Primitive Character

a trait that groups and outgroups share


a place where the branch splits

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