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What is this?
Nasal polyps causing rhinosinusitis
What are risk factors for chronic rhinosinusitis?
Nasal allergy, dental infection, septal deformity, nasal polyps (65% have chronic sinusitis)
What are some symptoms of chronic rhinosinusitis?
Nasal block
Chronic rhinorrhea
Facial pain
What will you find on examination of a patient?
Mucopus, pyrexia, tenderness over antrum and on percussion of upper teeth
How to treat?
Abx, long term topical steroids, bed rest, aeration and drainage, surgery
What is this?
Allergic rhinitis; pale blueish edematous turbinates covered with a thin film of mucous
What is treatment for allergic rhinitis?
avoid allergens, antihistamines, short course of topical steroids