10 terms

Kevin Wang

Which three men rode on the Midnight Ride?
A: Sam Adams, John Hancock, and Benjamin Franklin
B: Paul Revere, Sam Prescott, and William Dawes
C: George Washington, John Adams, and Ben Franklin
D: Only Paul Revere
Answer: B
Where did the war begin?
A: Lexington
B: Concord
C: Yorktown
D: Philadelphia
Answer: A
Who was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence?
A: George Washington
B: John Adams
C: Samuel Adams
D: John Hancock
Answer: D
Who led the British in the final battle?
A: General Howe
B: King George III
C: Benedict Arnold
D: Charles Cornwallis
Answer: D
Which of these nations did NOT help the Continental Army?
A: France
B: Russia
C: Germany
D: Spain
Answer: B
George Washington created the ________.
A: Congressional Medal of Honor
B: Purple Heart
C: He didn't invent one
D: Soldier's Medal of Peace
Answer: B
True or false: The patriots won all major battles in the west.
Answer: True.
Which of these was NOT an advantage for the British?
A: They were well-supplied
B: They had money to hire mercenaries
C: They knew the land
D: They had no advantage; they were mercilessly massacred like sheep
Answer: C
In the French and Indian war, the French used ________ tactics.
A: Gorilla
B: Guerilla
C: Run 'n gun
D: Marching
Answer: B
Name seven causes for the Americans to rebel.
1.) Proclamation Line
2.) Sugar Act
3.) Quartering Act
4.) Stamp Act
5.) Townshend Acts
6.) Tea Act
7.) Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts)