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Ming Hongwu

Who founded the Ming dynasty?

Zhu Yanzhang

Another name for Ming Hongwu?


What year did the Portuguese arrive in CHINA?

Li Zecheng

Who led the peasant revolt and occupied Beijing in 1644?


Who were the invaders that began the Ming dynasty?


Japanese warlords


What was the primary fighting force within the Qing empire?


The bottom ring of the four main Japanese classes of citizens

Tokugawa Shogunate

Military government began by Tokugawa Ieyasu


Christian missionaries who had the most success in Japan


Ming erased every aspect of these former invaders.


drama that uses dance to tell a story in Japan


Chinese had to wear their hair in this style to show submission.


Sailed into the Indian Ocean as a show of Chinese dominance


Greatest ruler in Chinese history


What year did the Portuguese first arrive in JAPAN?

300 million

By 1800, what was the Chinese population?


Who were the first Europeans to step foot on Japanese soil?

Toyotani Hideyosni

Name means abundant provider


Francis Xavier was what type of missionary?

Toyotani Hideyosni

Second great ruler of Japan?


They replaced ______ with cotton.


Lord McCartney is from what country?

Toyotani Hideyosni

What Japanese ruler ordered an edict that outlawed Christian activities?


Christian missionaries with most success in Japan?

Tokugawa Ieyasu

Under what Japanese ruler saw emergence of nuclear family?


Armored japanese warriors

Oda Nobowaga

First of the great Japanese rulers

Tokugawa Ieyasu

Third of the great Chinese rulers?


China became perhaps the world's greatest power under ________.


What dynasty retained the Ming political system which stressed devotion to Confucian values?

Dyarchy system

Administrative positions shared by Manchus and Chinese

civil service examination

What system established quotas under Qing politics?

Treaty of Nerchinsk

Russia signed what to establish diplomatic relations and settle border disputes?


Who replaced the Portuguese as dominate force in European trade?

Oda Nobunaga

Who seized Kyoto in 1568 ad the shogun, reduced power of Buddhist estates, and was killed by one of his own generals?

Toyotoni Hideyoshi

Who headquartered at Osaka, invaded Korea but was a disaster, and organized "sword hunts" to restrict availability of weapons?

Tokygawa Ieyasu

A daimyo from Edo, he continued pacification and consolidation. His shogunate lasted from 1603-1868


Shogun limited the size of the ______ class, who had no function as a result of the Great Peace.


Japanese outcasts

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