LT ServSafe Review

Review for ServSafe Exam
Thawing frozen food in a sink of standing water is hazardous because this method
may allow harmful bateria to grow
Food can become contaminated when a food handler
does not wash his/her hands and when he/she eats while working
A foodservice operation should do business with a supplier that is
reputable and will deliver food items during convenient times
What is the most effective way to train foodhandlers on how to prepare a new recipe?
By demonstrating how to make it
An acceptale behavior for food handlers working in a self-service area is to
check to ensure cold food is held at temperatures at or below 41°F and that hot foods are held at a minimum temperature of 135°F
What is the correct way to measure the temperature of milk that is delivered in a soft bulk package?
Use a time-temperature indicator
Before melons are sliced they should be
washed under running water
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) contains what information (list 3 things)
list of hazardous chemicals and how to safely use and handle them; first aid information; and a list of personal protective equipment that must be worn when handling a specific chemical
As the manager, what should you do when a foodhandler taking garbage to the dumpster lifts it over the food prep area?
Stop him/her immediately, correct and retrain him/her
Food items most likely to cause an allergic reaction are
nuts and shell fish
What should the manager do when a new piece of equipment is installed in the kitchen?
Provide training on safe use and maintenace of the equipment
Chopped or diced fish should be cook to an internal temperture of
A shipment of eggs should be rejected if
they are broken or cracked or delivered at a temperature above 45°F
A key element to successful training is
using a variety of learning tools
Should a food service employee to go work if they had diarrhea all night?
No, they should stay home until they are symptom free for 24 hours.
Why should protective shields be placed on light fixtures?
To prevent broken glass from contaminating food and food-contact surfaces
The best choice for storing or cooking food is
stainless steel pans
What is the safest way to handle eggs that are being used to make omelets?
Keep eggs in their shell and refrigerated until ready to cook
Foodborne pathogens are most affected by
time, temperature, and moisture
A food handler reports symptoms of a sore throat and fever and is told not to work around food or food contact surfaces. What is this an example of?
Why are time-temperature indicators placed on the outside of refrigerated cases of food items?
To tell whether the food was time-temperature abused
Cross contamination could occur if which two raw foods are stored together during transport?
Ground beef with whole beef roasts
What is the first thing you should do to prepare a three-compartment sink for washing tableware?
Clean sinks and sanitize drain boards
Where must handwashing sinks be located?
In the warewashing area
What should the manager do if a foodhandler is diagnosed with shigellosis?
Contact the regulatory authority
The best way to prevent the spread of virus when working with food is to
wash hands before handling food
Where should the mop and bucket be stored?
In a separate area away from food
When purchasing raw oysters you can best ensure safety by
purchasing oysters from an approved supplier
Where in the cooler should you store pre-cooked chicken in relation to raw ground beef?
Above the raw ground beef
After what activity must food handlers wash their hands?
Clearing used silverware from tables
How do you cool a 10 lb roast quickly and correctly?
Cut into small piece
Most effective way to prevent pest problems is to
maintain a clean environment
If a foodhandle cuts his/her hand, he/she should wash their hand and then
apply a waterproof bandage and put on gloves
Food surfaces must be cleaned and santized
before coming in contact with food
How can cross contamination be prevented?
by using color coded cutting boards and utensils
A catering service uses the sturdy boxes that the raw chuck roasts come in to transport sandwiches and salads to catered events. What is wrong with this practice?
Raw meat juices in the box might contaminate ready-to-eat food.
Describe the most common symptoms of an allergic reactions to food
Nausea, vomiting, hives, difficulty breathing
Scombroid poisoning can be caused by eating spoiled
Mahi Mahi
What documents must you submit if you are expanding the kitchen prep area?
blueprints, menus, and equipment specifications
What is the best location for placing a thermometer in a cold storage unit?
The warmest part of the unit
In the first compartment of a three-compartment sink what should be the temperature of the water with detergent?
A virus of particular concern to food safety is
What type of sanitizer is bleach?
Cutting boards can be made from
hard plastic, acrylic, or hard wood
Which food should be stored above all others in a cooler?
raw carrots
A backflow prevention device on a carbonated beverage dispenser is used to prevent
carbonated water from flowing into copper lines
How can a foodservice operation assist customers with food allergies?
Assign one person to answer all allergy related questions from customers
What the least likely cause of foodborne illnesses?
improper storing of equipment
What is the FDA Food Code?
It lists recommendations for regulatory requirements.
Name a food that contains a common food allergen
Be careful when serving food to high-risk populations because they are
more likely to get sick from undercooked or raw meats
If you are cutting vegetables and then are asked to remove the garbage from the kitchen, do you need to change your gloves? Why or why not?
No, because there is no risk of cross contamination.
Cooking food to a minimum internal temperature is an example of
safe food handling
The best way to measure the intermal temperature of cooked roast beef is to
insert a bimetallic stemmed thermometer into the thickest portion of the meat.
Which worker must be excluded from working with high-risk populations - a line server diagnosed with salmonellosis or a dishwasher diagnosed with Hepatitis C?
a line server diagnosed with salmonellosis
What does a chemcial santizing solution's effectiveness depend on?
pH, temperature and water hardness
The most important aspect of personal hygiene is
A food container of fried chicken in the cooler is dated October 16 and it is now October 24. What should be done with this chicken?
Throw out the chicken
When transporting food, what practice needs to be followed to prevent time-temperature abuse?
Transport potentially hazardous hot foods in an insulated food container at 135°F or higher and cold foods in an insulated food container at 41°F or lower.
Why would the manager of a foodservice establishment follows the health inspector around during an inspection?
To hear and learn from the inspector's comments and suggestions
What type of food container is appropriate for transporting food?
Metal pan with aluminum foil covering it
A hose is connected to a faucet to fill a bucket, then left submerged in the bucket while it is filling. Why is this a risk to the water supply?
Because a cross connection has been created.
What two factors need to be monitored to control bacteria growth?
Time and temperature
The effectiveness of a chemical sanitizer can be limited by
using water that is below 120°F
When should food handlers wash their hands?
Before handling any food
What must be done with cleaning supplies?
They must be stored away from food prep areas
What should you do when the sanitizing solution has been weakened?
Replace the entire solution
When serving customers, what is one procedure that will help prevent food contamination?
Using tongs to serve dinner rolls
What is the primary purpose of a food service inspection program?
To safeguard public health and ensure food is safe
What is botulism?
A food borne illness most ofter caused by improperly canned foods.
What is a critical control point?
It is a step in the flow of food where intervention can control hazards.
Explain training need
the gap between what a food service employee knows and what he/she actually knows
What type of food could be transported in a galvanized metal container?
Foods that are not acidic such as flour
Give an example of taking corrective action when cooking meat.
You check the internal temperature of the meat and it is 155°F so you put it back into the oven until the internal temperature reaches 165°F for 15 seconds.
What should be done with the milk that is left over when a food handler opens a container of ultra-high temperature milk from dry storage?
The container should be stored in the refrigerator.
What is the temperature of the water when running an industrial dishwasher?