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  1. substrate-level phosphorylation
  2. oligomycin
  3. rotenone
  4. Electron transport chain
  5. lactic acid fermentation
  1. a the conversion of pyruvate to lactate with no release of CO2
  2. b binds tightly with one of the electron carrier molecules in the 1st protein complex, preventing electrons from passinf to the next carrier molecule; often use to kill pest insects and fish
  3. c transports electrons from carriers to make ATP
  4. d blocks passage of H+ through ATP synthase
  5. e formation of ATP occurring when an enzyme transfers a phosphate group from an organic molecule to ADP

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  1. with oxygen
  2. bind with an electron carrier in the 3rd protein complex, blocking the passage of electrons to oxygen
  3. loss of electrons from a substance involved in a redox reaction
  4. without oxygen
  5. completes breakdown of glucose; 2nd stage of cellular respiration

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  1. glucosecellular respiration REACTANTS?


  2. respirationgain of electrons from a substance involved in a redox reaction


  3. mitochondrial matrixKrebs WHERE?


  4. H20, ATPincrease in metabolic rate


  5. glycolysiscellular respiration REACTANTS?