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By: Rachael Belcher

Martin Luther

Rejected the divine establishment of the Church and taught that it was a result of a number of New Testament communities

Ignatius of Loyola

Founded the Jesuits; wrote the Spiritual Exercises

Catherine of Sienna

On who the Carmelite reform was based, thus generating a fresh commitment to the inner life of contemplation in the Church

Thomas More

left a record of Christian humanism that continues to influence ideals of liberal arts scholarships

Pius IX

In who ultramontanists found their man; ruled the Church for 32 years

Pope John Paul XXIII

Opened the Second Vatican Council to update the response of the Church to the contemporary needs of the modern world


Marks the beginning of the "era of the church"

Council of Chalcedon 451

Decided that Christ is one divine person in two natures- human and divine


Provided the Church with a dynamic presence in urban ministry during the 1200s


Became an emperor of the west and an advocate of Christianity

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