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ability of nervous system to remodel through changing function, size, structure or chemical profile


decrease release of neurtransmitters with repeated stimulation

habituation use

decrease reaponse to stimuli due to decreased number of synaptic connections

learning and memory

increase in number of synaptic connections and strength, increase in metabolic activity or synaptic efficiency

where learning and memory occur

in hippocampus, located in temporal lobe

wallerian degeneration

axon terminal cut from cell body - myelin, axon terminal, and post synaptic cells degenerate

axonal sprouting

schwan cell release nerve growth factor, only in PNS

denervation hypersensitivity

post synaptic membrane creates more receptor sites

synaptic hypereffectiveness

more info on fewer branches


unmasking silent synapses

cortical rearganization

reassignment of neuron function due to injury or repeated intense use

effective CNS treatment

treat during subacute and chronic stages, too soon may injur adjacent areas

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