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CHP 25

What nation invaded Mexico and tried to make the Archduke Maximilian the "Emperor of Mexico"?


What eventually happened to "Maximilian of Mexico"?

He lost the war and was executed by firing squad.

The philosophy of positivism became popular among Latin American elites and gave intellectual support for


Carranza edged out Villa and Zapata as leader of the Mexican Revolution for all of the following reasons except

his willingness to call on U.S. forces for help

What best describes the government of Juan Peron of Argentina?

Anti-liberal and full of corruption.

The radical leaders in the Mexican revolution of 1910-1911 were

Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa

Dependency theory was developed to explain

persistent poverty and dictatorships in Latin America during much of its history

What country in the early 20th century began to get strongly involved in Latin American affairs by military interventions, building a canal, and replacing Britain as the dominant trading partner?

United States

What were the people of mixed Native American and European descent called?


The mid-19th century movement called La Reforma in Mexico was directed against the rule of

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

In 19th century Latin America, agricultural labor primarily took the form of

debt peonage

All of the following products were exported from Latin America before 1900 except


Slavery continued to exist until 1888 in


In the 19th century, postcolonial Brazil differed from other newly independent nations in South America for all of the following reasons except

it had a more diversified economic base

The effect of the Great Depression in Latin America can best be described as

very severe because the advanced economic sectors were dependent on export markets

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