Genetics ch. 1

To reveal chromosome abnormalities
Purpose of preparing karyotypes
Human scientists study inheritance and human scientists make pedigrees
What statement best summarizes how transmission genetic studies are done differently with humans than other organisms
Determined solely by the genotype or genetic make-up
Hereditarianism is the idea that human traits are
Misuse for social and political purposes by Nazis
The decline of eugenics movement in the U.S. in the early 20th century was because of
Screen an individuals entire genome
DNA microarrays (DNA chips) are used to
The microscope is mostly used in what area of genetics
Research on what causes genes to turn on and off
Best example of basic research
1st cloned animal
Dolly the sheep is famous for
All of these
Modern biotechnology made it possible to
All organisms
Mendel's work on pea plants is applicable to
A chromatid of the maternal chromosome and a chromatid of paternal chromosome
During crossing-over, what's exchanged
Gaucher disease associated with?
Cytokinesis usually occurs just after mitoses
There are 92 chromosomes in a normal human cell undergoing mitoses at the anaphase stage
Two different phenotypes and three different genotypes
In a monohybrid cross with complete dominance, the F2 offspring should contain
Something with SsYy