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Dada, Surrealism, Expressionism

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Where did Dada originate?
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Zurich Dada: The Cabaret Voltaire, Founded on February 1, 1916, as an international literary cabaret
Located in a slightly disreputable neighborhood in Zurich, Switzerland, on the Speigelgasse
Sold beer, sausage, and rolls
Provided the venue for the following:
Shocking the bourgeoisie
Attacking common sense, public opinion, and good taste
Ridiculing traditional art
Closed after one year
International movement in art and literature that used ridicule and nonsense to reflect what was considered to be the meaninglessness of the modern world
Anti-war, anti-art, and anti-bourgeois movement
Anarchistic movement that challenged traditional perceptions of art as well as provoked a reexamination of social and moral values
Used shock, provocation, and irrationality as a weapon against the Establishment
Asked the question: what kind of culture would condone the industrialized murder of World War I?
Made fun of the "seriousness" and sanctity of traditional art
Believed that traditional art had to be purged and that this new movement was going to start culture from scratch
Created in a "child-like" manner
Believed that the value of art was located more in the act of making it than in the work produced

Chance, spontaneity and provocation