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Chapter 6 Theology

True or False? Matthew's genealogy emphasized Jesus as a descendant of Adam.
True or False. Jesus' naive tongue was Greek.
True or False? The first five books of the Bible are called the Torah.
True or False? Jesus did not have to contend with basic human and physical emotional experiences.
True or False? Jesus was both human and divine.
True or False? To be human is to have a body and a soul.
True or False? Jesus was probably trained as a carpenter.
True or False? Jewish genealogies were typicallhy traced through the matriarchal line.
True or False? God's becoming a human being in Jesus is called the Annunciation.
True or False? The women that are included in the genealogy of Jesus are examples of how God can use sinners as well as saints to do His work.
True or False? Jesus is both God and man.
Matthew and Luke
What two Gospel author write about Jesus' genealogy?
"the son of David" and "the son of Abraham"
What are the two names Matthew called Jesus?
How many women does Matthew include in his genealogy?
Tamar, Rahab, Bathsheba, Mary, and Ruth
Who were the five women Matthew included in his genealogy?
Jesus is human, a descendant from humans.
Jesus is the Son of God
What two theological points was Luke making in his genealogy?
False; are NOT meant to be comprehensive
True or False? The genealogies of Matthew and Luke are meant to be comprehensive, tracing every ancestor of Jesus all the way back to the first human being.
False; It is likely that JOSEPH died
True or False? It is likely that Mary died before Jesus began his public life-in Mark's Gos[el he was identified as "the son of Joseph."
Where did Jesus grow up and live most of his life?
True or False? Like every human beiing, Jesus had the same kind of experiences that all of us do: hunger, thirst, exhaustion.
Asphyxiation, suffication
What is the cauth of death for someone who is curcified?
Intellect and free will
What two powers does the human spirit have?
the inducement to sin that comes through some sort of persuasion or the promise of a good or pleasure.
What is temptation?
True or False? When asked when the world was going to end, Jesus said that neither the angels in heaven nor he himself knew the day or hour.
True or False? In his human knowledge, Jesus had immediate knowledge of the Father and the secret thoughts of people.
False; anger is neither good nor evil, it's a passion.
True or False? As with other passions, anger is evil in itself.
He taught on his own authority, and not quoting other rabbis
What upset some religious authorities, causing them to see Jesus as a threat?
False; Jesus seemed ALL TOO ORDINARY
True or False? To his neighbors in Nazareth, Jesus seemed extraordinary.
True or False? Jesus was a real human being, who, though sorely tempted, never sinned.
True or False? The fulfillment of his prophecies supported his claims to be on a divine mission.
He would be condemned to death by religious authorities, mocked by Gentiles, betrayed by one of his Apostles, and denied three times by Peter.
What prophecies were fulfilled that Jesus predicted?
Jesus' human nature and identification with us.
What does the title "Son of Man" emphasize?
A flashy, forceful military leader
What kind of Messiah were people expecting?
Jesus' resurrection
What was the greatest miracle of all?
False; DID believe
True or False? Most people did not believe that Jesus was a great prophet.
True or False? Some of the opponents of Jesus could not deny his miracles, but they said that this power of Jesus was coming from Satan.
What charge ultimately led to the condemnation of JEsus at his trial before the Sanhedrin?
True or False? No credible historians today deny the exostence of Jesus.
Pliny the Younger
He sought the Roman Emperor for advice on how christians should be investigated, tried, and punished.
Mara bar Serapion
This is a letter to a son questioning the advantage the Jews gained from executing their "wise King."
This source tried to refute the Christian beleif that the earthquake and darkness associated withe the death of Jesus was due to a miracle.
This ancient source inaccurately assumed that a Jewish disturbance in Roma in AD 49 was caused by chrestus, a likey mispelling of the name Jesus.
He wrote a vicious attack on Christianity in which he claimed that Jesus was illegitimate and that his father was a Roman soldier.
This source refers to the execution of "James the Just" who is called the brother of Jesus.
This source chronicles how the Emperor Nero blamed the great fire in Rom on the Christians, which gave him an excise to prosecute them.
He was a Greek satirist who mocked Christian faith including the belief in the resurrection after death.
Babylonian Talmud
This source mentions a certain Yeshu who practiced magic and led Israel astray from true Jew worship.
Pliny the Younger
This source remarks on the rapid spread of Christianity.
This source likely contains additions by a Christian copyist.
The five patterns of Jesus' miracles.
1. intro presents setting and situation
2. Jesus is a witness to the siplay of faith by the people
3. Jesus responds to the problem
4. the result of the miracle follows
5. Reaction to the miracle