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Sales Management

D. complementary salespeople
All of the following are types of personal selling jobs except:
D. order getters
Sales people who focus on gaining new customers are sometimes referred to as
E. Farmers
New customers may be turned over to account servicing salespeople referred to as
____ salespeople are salespeople who support the sales effort by providing information and performing other supplemental services
E. Missionaries and Detail Salespeople
The generation of new business for the selling firm is associated with which type of salespeople?
_____ support the sales effort by setting up point-of-purchase displays, rotating stock, and keeping store personnel informed about new products and sales promotions.
Financial Contributors
As _____, salespeople assume a key role in revenue production for their firms.
Seeks to maximize outcomes of individuals
Which of the following is not one of the characteristics of true-based relationship selling?
Salesperson orientation
To be successful at trust building, research indicates that salespeople shold demonstrate all of the following characteristics exept
Adaptive Selling
According to the text, when salespeople alter their sales messages and behavior during a sales presentation or as they encounter unique sales situations and customers they are using
Stimulus response
Which of the five view of personal selling in the least flexible and least focuses on the buyers unique needs?
D. Customers will be motivated to buy to satisfy particular needs
Need satisfaction personal selling is based on the motion that
E. Follow up the sale with additional product offerings
Which of the following is not a stage in the SPIN selling technique?
C) Collaboration issues
Implementing cross-functional programs to foster communication and cooperation is a salesforce response to which of the following issues?
C) sales positions offer little job variety
All of the following are characteristics of personal selling exept
C) Target Market selection
Which of the following is not a key decision area of corporate strategy?
C) Marketing mix strategy
All of the following are key decision areas in sales strategy except
Mission Statement
The ____ provides directions for strategy development and execution throughout the organization
D) a designated unit within a corporation that is operated like an individual business
One definition of an SBU is
B) build market share
If the sales organization objective is to increase sales volume and expand distribution outlets, then the SBU objective is likely to be
B) differentiation
By creating something perceived industry wide as being unique, a company is employing the _____ business unit strategy
A low overall market share with domination in a particular region or segment is usually indicative of a company employing this business unit strategy.
C) the specific market segment to be served by a particular product
24. a target market can be defined as:
B) Distribution intensity
25. a company's marketing communication strategy consists of a mixture that includes all of the following except:
E. Low cost percent contact
26. Major advantages of personal selling include all of the following except:
C) the product is complex
28. personal selling driven strategies are appropriate when
B. buyers facing a new-task buying situation will typically use a lengthy process to collect and evaluate purchase information
31. Which of the following statements regarding organizational buying situations is true?
B. recognition of the problem or need
33. which of the following is the first phase in the buying process?
E. driven by a need to keep costs within a budget
34. the individual needs that come into play in an organization buying situation tnd to be
E. Transaction Relationship
35. both costs serve the customer and commitment between buyers and seller are lowest with this type of relationship strategy
E. independent sales organizations that sell complementary, but noncompeting products from different manufacturers
36. Independent representative can be characterized as
D. Companies can maintain better control over the reps selling activities than they can carry over a company salesforce
37. which of the following is not an advantage of using independent sales representativeness over company salesforces?
D. each salesperson is responsible for selling all the company's products to all types of accounts
38. in the simplest type of sales organization structure, the following situation would exist:
B. if individuals can concentrate on a limited number of activities, they can become experts on those tasks
39. The basic idea behind specialization is that
A. Specialized
40. A _____ structure facilitates decision making in the field and encourages the development of relationships with customers
A. there are more sales management levels and smaller spans of control
41. in a tall sales management structure
D. Product- market specialized
43. when the firm offers a complex range of products and customers have different needs a _____ salesforce is recommended
E. large and complex
45. to be considered as strategic, the account should be both
D. assigning strategic accounts to salespeople along with other accounts
46. the different ways in which strategic accounts can be served typically include all of the following except
D. complex structure that might include elements of geographic, product, market, function, and strategic account organizations
47. a hybrid sales organization structure is
B. the marginal costs of adding a salesperson are equal to the marginal profits generated by that salesperson
49. the profit maximization point is when
D, firms should determine the desired salesforce size and then adjust this figure to reflect expected turnover
50. because of the existence of salesforce turnover
C. Workload Method
51. the following formula is usd to calculate salesforce size for this approach number of salespeople = total selling effort/ average selling effect per salesperson
B. ensure that all accounts are assigned salesperson responsibility and that each salesperson can adequately cover the assigned accounts
52. the overall objective of territory design is to
E. planning integrative meetings
53. forecasts provide the basis for all of the following sales management decisions except
D. Market Potential
55. The best possible level of industry sales in a given geographic area for a specific time period is defined as
B. the process by which salespeople acquire the knowledge, skills, and values essential to perform in the role of a sales person
Salesforce Socialization refers to:
b. achieving realism
_____ is giving the recruit an accurate portrayal of the job.
Achieving congruence
_____ is matching the capabilities of the recruit with the needs of the organization.
D. Locating prospective candidates
The first step of the recruitment and selection process for sales people involves all of the following except
D. Locating prospective candidates
All of the following are elements of the third and final step of the recruiting and selection process except
An investigation of the tasks, duties and responsibilities of the job.
A job analysis is
D. Group interviewing
13. A company that asks candidates to engages in group discussions, business game simulations, presentations, and role play exercises, so that members of management may evaluate their performance capabilities probably using this method of selection:
A. After initial interview
14. A background investigation is generally performed
A. prohibit discrimination on age, race, color, religion, sex, or national origin
15. The purpose of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was to
B. previous job experience
16. All of the following topics are open to charges of discrimination except
D. performing a salesforce audit
17. The sales training process includes all of the following interrelated steps except.
E. Job Description
18. All of the following are methods of needs assessment except
E. Asking the salesperson to give an impromptu sales presentation for a convenient item such as a ballpoint pen.
19. An example of a performance test would be
E. Salesforce Audit
20. If personal selling is prominent in the firms marketing strategy, some sort of _____ of the sales training needs is highly recommended.
B. Product Knowledge
21. Among the following, which is one of the most popular sales training topics?
E. increasing the observations powers of first-level sales managers
23. According to the test, in general, sales training objectives are set to support one or two ___ with the exception of
E. the level of interest from the employees
24. in the evaluation of sales training alternatives, the following criteria should be considered
D. their own personnel
25. In general, companies rely most heavily on
e. any of the above**
26. Sales Training is conducted in
B. only sophisticated technology should be used
27. Characteristics of a useful outside training program include all of the following except
B. Behavioral simulations
28. This training method includes business games and simulations, case studies, and role play
E. All of the above
29. Which of the following media can be used to train the salesforce?
B. monitor the progress of the trainees and ensure adequate presentation of the topics
30. the primary responsibility of the sales manager while the training is being conducted is.
A. it is hard to attribute future performance
31. The problem with an evaluation of sales training effectiveness is.
C. discuss only these products with competitors.... Sales territories etc
32. Important legal reminders that should be included in a sales training program include all of the following except
C. sales supervision involves working with subordinated on a day-to-day basis
33. which of the following statements regarding sales supervision is true?
D. its dictorial
34. Which of the following is not a specific aspect of a transformation leadership style?
D. a willingness to change
35. Studies have shown that reciprocal trust between sales managers and sales people has created a salesperson-sales manager relationship. The research indicates that positive relationships include all of the following except:
B. Referent Power
36. If a salesperson made this statement regarding his sales manager "I like him personally as a friend" the manager is likely exercising what type of power?
A. Expert Power
37. When other salespeople believe that a sales manager has valuable knowledge then the sales manager is able to use
A. Reward and Coercive
38. In their dealings with salespeople, sales managers have been criticized for placing too much emphasis on
D. Expert and Referent Power
39. These types of power bases have been found to positively relate to salespeople's satisfaction with the sales manager.
A. Behavior Approach
40. This approach to leadership seeks to catalog behaviors associated with effective leadership
41. This type of influence strategy works by first changing the attitudes and intentions of the target market with the expectation that a subsequent change in behavior will follow
C. Persuasion
42. The expert and referent power bases are extremely critical in the use of this type of influence.
A. the most crucial coaching activities are those that are conducted in groups
43. Which of the following statements regarding a sales manager's use of coaching is false?
D. learning is facilitated when the salesperson is asked to apply a coaching session soon after receiving it
44. the concept of repetition suggests that:
B. Principle of recency
45. In coaching the salesforce, the sales manager may use all of the following learning tools except:
E. all of the above
46. the ultimate success of sales meetings depends on the planning and execution of activities such as
B. Law is the ethical guide
47. Moral management would have what orientation toward the law?
A. respect and protect proprietary
48. In effort to increase salepeoples ethical standards, Certified professional Sales
D. intensity
The amount of mental and physical effort put forth
2) the salespersons choice to expend effort over a period of time
C. finds the job to be inherently rewarding
3) a salesperson who is intrinsically motivated
A. direct salespeoples behaviors toward the attainment of organizational objectives
4) reward system management involves the selection and utilization of organizational rewards to
D. task significance
5) compensation rewards might include all the following except:
D. cash
6) according to a survey of sales executives reported in the text, the most popular sales incentive is
B. the working capital requirements are lessened
7)advantages of straight-salary compensation plans include the following except:
C. that they offer little financial incentive to perform past a merely acceptable level
8) the most serious disadvantage of a straight-salary compensation plan is
E. customer loyalty is enhanced
9) which of the following is not an advantage of the commission compensation plan?
C. determine the relative amounts to paid in salary, commission, and bonus
11) when determining the financial compensation mix, the sales manager must
B. they contribute little to company loyaly, resulting in
10)Perhaps the most serious shortcoming of straight commission plans is that
B. they are fairly simple to administer
12) which of the following is not an advantage of combination plans?
B. opportunity for promotion
13) this form of nonfinancial reward is generally considered to be more desirable to younger salespeople than to older salespeople.
C. is considered to be a serious offense
14) expense account padding
E. salespeople should compete in teams with each member of the team making a contribution to the groups goal
15)which of the following is not a guideline for optimizing the use of sales contests?
B. an overall evaluation of how well the sales organization did in achieving its goals and objectives.
17) a definition for sales organizational effectiveness would be
A. recommendations that are tactical in nature, such as specific
18)sales organization effectiveness evaluations generally result in
E. market share analysis
19)which of the following is not one of the four types of analyses outlined in the test as a method for analyzing sales organizational effectiveness?
E. issue a press release detailing the company's changes
16) to implement a new or modified reward system, sales manager should do all of the following except:
A. Paid order/B. Shipped Order
20)the most often used sales definition defines a sales as a
C. using analysis at lower levels to pinpoint the specific problems
21)when using a top down perspective in sales analysis, the emphasis is on identifying potential problem areas at each level and then
B. 120
22)what is the effectiveness index of a salesperson whose 2011 sales totaled 6,000 and whose quota was 5,000?
C. a comparison of actual sales to sales quota
23) the sales growth experienced by different organizational levels can be determined by
D. sales analysis
24) the most common type of sales organization assessment focuses on
D. to determine the best way to allocate sales resources throughout the sales organization and across the different selling activities
25)what is the key sales management budgeting task?
B. determine the lowest expenditure level necessary to achieve sales quotas
26)in budgeting for each expense category, a sales manager should attempt to
E. percentage of sales method
27)probably the most often used method to establish selling budgets is
A. objective and task method
28)the basic form of this method for determining expenditure levels for selling expense categories could be called zero-based budgeting
B. it is considered a good situation, as high selling costs automatically mean high sales.
29)when actual selling costs far exceed budgeted costs
B. the full-cost approach to residual income analysis
30)in this type of profitability analysis, the shared selling costs are allocated to individual units based on some type of cost allocation procedure
D. that they can be compared directly across the entire sales organization and with other sales organizations
32)A major advantage of productivity ratios is
B. 360 degree feedback
34)an assessment technique that involves performance assessment from multiple raters including sales managers, internal and external customers, team member is
C. incorporates complex and often subjective assessments of salesperson
36) which of the following is now true regarding an outcome based perspective to evaluating and controlling salesperson performance
A. Activity based costs
31) the basic concept underlying the use of this analytical method is that costs are allocated to individual units on the basis of how the units actually expend or cause these costs
C. incorporates complex and often subjective assessments of salespersons
35) a behavior based perspective to evaluating and controlling salesperson performance
A. activities and results related to the salesperson's current job and situation
33)performance evaluations for the purpose of determining compensation and special rewards should focus on
B. political
37) a comprehensive evaluation of salesperson performance should incorporate criteria from all of the following dimensions except
C. number of sales calls made
38)most sales organizations focus on this behavioral criterion in salesperson evaluation
A. number of sales calls per account
39)all of the following are considers results criterion except:
C. by reducing their order-call ratio
40)salespeople can increase profitability in all of the following ways except
B, complexity
41) salesperson performance evaluation methods should possess all of the following except
E. the need for the evaluation method to be capable of detecting differences in the performance of individual salespeople
43)discriminability, as a characteristic of salesperson evaluation methods, can be defined as
C. the measures provide accurate assessments of the criteria they are intended to measure
42)validity in the salesperson evaluation method is necessary because it ensures that
E. The need for both the sales managers and the salespeople to understand the entire performance appraisal process
44)Practicality, as a characteristic of salesperson performance evaluation methods can be defined as
C. management by objectives
46)the mutual setting of well defined and measurable goalds within a specific period
A. Graphic rating/checklist method
45)the following is an excerpt from this type of performance evaluation method ALMOST-NEVER
B. to determine the absolute and relative performance of each salesperson
47)the initial use of the information provided by the various salesperson performance evaluation methods is