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Greek Gods and Goddesses

He was a supreme ruler. He was the cloud-gatherer, lord of the sky and the rain god. He also wielded the thunderbolt.
Wife and sister of Zeus. She was the protectress of marriage, married woman, and the home.
Zeus's brother and the god of the sea. He also gave horse to man.
Brother of Zeus and Poseidon. He was the ruler of the underworld and the dead. (The Greeks, unlike the Egyptians, had a negative concept of afterlife. Therefore Hades was not widely worshiped. As Pluto, the god of agriculture, he was very honored.
Pallas Athena
The daughter of Zeus alone. She had no mother. In the Illiad she is a battle goddess. Later she is seen as the goddess of reason, wisdom and purity.
Son of Zeus and Leto. He was the healer, the archer god, sun god, god of light and master musician.
Apollo's twin sister. She was the lady of wild things, the huntress, maiden goddess, and the moon goddess.
The goddess of love and beauty. She was "foam-born." In most tales she is the wife of Hephaestus, god of forge.
The son of Zeus and messenger to the mortals, god of commerce, god of thieves and mischief makers.
The god of war and the son of Zeus and Hera. He was bloodstained and murderous.
The god of fire and artisans. He was ugly and lame and was the protector of smiths.
Sister of Zeus. She was the goddess of hearth, the symbol of home.