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What is the difference between stride length and step length?

-Stride length: 1 complete cycle e.g. right heel contact to right heel contact
-Step length: 1 half cycle e.g. right heel contact to left heel contact

What is stride frequency?

Number of strides/ min or sec

What is the difference between a double support phase and a single support phase?

Double support means there are 2 feet on the ground, while single support means there is only 1 foot on the ground.

What is the difference between walking and running?

Running doesn't have a double support phase, instead there is a flight phase

What are the 3 phases of running?

Take off distance, flight distance and landing distance

What the moose are take off distance and landing distance?

They are in relation between centre of mass of a person and point of contact i.e. you lean forward before you take your foot off the ground

What is speed in terms of stride length and stride frequency?

Speed= Stride length x Stride frequency

If velocity is constant what is the acceleration?

0 as change in velocity is the integral of acceleration!

If decreasing velocity matches increasing velocity what is the average velocity?

0 as they balance each other out

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