History 103 Final: Medieval Period


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Medieval Ages Chronology
Late Antiquity
The Dark Ages
The High Middle
The Renaissance
The transfer from the Lord to the Vassal of the private exercise of governmental and judicial functions within his Fief.
Charlemagne's Medieval Model
Those who:
Louis the Pious's sons spilt the kingdom up:
Charles the Bald- France
Louis the German- German
Lothair the Simple- Italy
The & Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms (Heptarchy)
1) Essex - Saxons - London
2) Wessex - Saxons - Winchester
3) Sussex - Saxons
4) Kent - Jutes - Canterbury
5) East Anglia - Angles - Norwich
6) Mercia - Angles
7) Northumbria - Angles - York
Nobility of Fiefs
oKing- Kingdon
oPrince- Principality
oDuke- Duchy or Dukedom
oMarquess- March
oEarl (Count)- County
oViscount- Part of a County
oBaron- Barony
oLord- Lordship
The Parliament England
oThe King (or Queen)
oThe House of Lords
•The Lords Spiritual—The Church Nobility
•The Lords Temporal—the Nobility
oThe House of Commons
•The Knights of the Shires
•The Burgesses of the Chartered Towns
The Estates General of France
oThe King(legislature)
oThe Parliament of Paris(Registers the legislation)
oThe First Estate
-The Clergy (300 members) one vote
oThe Second Estate
-The Nobility (300 members) one vote
oThe Third Estate
-Everyone Else (300 members) one vote
The Imperial Diet
oCollege of Electors
oCollege of Princes
oCollege of Imperial Cities