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  1. What is the action produced by the biceps brachii?
  2. What are the principle functions of the Superior compartment at the shoulder joint?
  3. What is the action of the pronator Quadratus?
  4. Which muscles act as downward rotators of the scapula?
  5. If the shoulder joint is horizontally adducting, what movement is occurring at the shoulder girdle?
  1. a ...
  2. b -working with the pronator Teres to pronate the forarm and hand
  3. c -Rhomboids
    -Pectoralis Minor
    -Levator Scapulae
  4. d Abduction of the humerus
  5. e Abduction (protraction)

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  1. -Pectoralis major
    -Teres Major
    -Long head of triceps brachi
    -Latissimus Dorsi
    -Short head of Biceps Brachii
  2. -Latissimus Dorsi
    -Teres Major
    -Triceps Brachii
  3. -Latissimus Dorsi
    -Teres Major
    -Long head of the Triceps brachii
  4. Teres Major
  5. -Traps 3 (some 2 and 4)

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  1. If Internal rotation is occurring at the shoulder joint, what movement is happening at the shoulder girdle?Adduction (retraction)


  2. What is the most commonly injured rotator cuff muscle?Supraspinatus


  3. Which muscles comprise the Posterior compartment of the Shoulder joint?-Infraspinatus
    -Teres Minor


  4. Which muscles comprise the posterior compartment of the shoulder girdle?-Pectoralis Minor
    -Serratus Anterior


  5. SITS stands for:

    -What is the significance?
    -Teres Minor

    These are the four muscles in the rotator cuff