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  1. Which muscles act as abductors( protractors) of the scapula?
  2. If Adduction is occurring at the shoulder joint, what movement is happening at the shoulder girdle?
  3. What are the principle functions of the inferior compartment at the shoulder joint?
  4. Which muscles act as Horizontal flexors/Adductors of the humerus
  5. Which muscles comprise the Anterior Compartment of the shoulder girdle?
  1. a -Pectoralis Minor
    -Serratus Anterior
  2. b -Serratus Anterior (upper part)
    -Pectoralis minor
  3. c -Pectoralis Major
  4. d -adduction
    -inward rotation
  5. e Downward rotation

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  1. Adduction (retraction)
  2. -Infraspinatus
    -Teres Minor
  3. 13
  4. -Flexor Carpi Radialis and Ulnaris
    -Palmaris Longus
  5. -Serratus Anterior (lower part)
    -Trapezius 4 (some 2)

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  1. If the shoulder joint is flexing, what movement is occurring at the shoulder girdle?Elevation/ upward rotation


  2. Which muscles act as adductors of the humerus?-Latissimus Dorsi
    -Poterior Deltoid
    -Teres Major
    -Long head of the Triceps Brachii
    -Teres Minor


  3. What are the principle functions of the Superior compartment at the shoulder joint?Abduction of the humerus


  4. Which muscles act as Extensors of the humerus-Pectoralis Major
    -Anterior Deltoid
    -Short head of Biceps Brachii


  5. What is the action produced by the anconeus?...


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