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Undergrad A&P II at Parker University.

What is the other name for a White Blood Cell?


What are the two types of White Blood Cells?

Granulocytes and Agranulocytes

What are the Granulocytes?

1. Neutrophils
2. Eosinophils
3. Basophils

What are the Agranulocytes?

1. Monocytes
2. Lymphocytes

What percent of white blood cells are Neutrophils?

54 to 62%

What is the other name for a Neutrophil?

Polymorphonuclear (PMN)

AKA Puss Cells they they tend to accumulate at sites of infection.

What is the function of a Neutrophils?

phagocytosis and acute bacterial infections.

What is a phogocyte?

Remove foreign particles (diseased organisms and debris)

When do you see a rise in Neutrophils in the blood system?

An acute bacterial infection.

What is the function of a Eosinophil?

Kills Parasites.

Also involved in inflammation and allergic reaction.

Releases histamine during allergic reactions

Common is asthma.

What is the function of a Basophil?

Inflammatory reactions

Releases heparin and histamine

What does heparin do?

Inhibits blood clotting

What does histamine do?

It is a vasodilator helpful inflammatory responses (increases blood flow to damaged tissue)

It also increases vascular permeability. This allows the fluid or non formed element of blood to seep out into the tissues.

Describe the appearance of the cell of a Neutrophil?

Light blue granules

Nucleus has three segments

Describe the appearance of the cell of a Eosinophil?

Reddish orange

It has a bilobed nucleus

Describe the appearance of the cell of a Basophil?

Deep purple

What is a lymphocyte?

They produce antibodies that act against specific foreign substances.

It is the specific immune response.

How long do the lymphocyte live?

Several months to years.

They have memory cells.

What are the two types of lymphocytes?

T lymphocytes - Stimulate B lymphocytes

B lymphocytes - Make antibodies

What are the sub species of the B lymphocytes?

Plasmas cells with actually make the antibody.

What are T Killer Cells?

They are lymphocytes

What is the function of T Killer Cells?

They don't need to be told what to do they just go and do it.

Navy Seals. They don't need a command to act.

What is the order to making antibodies by the lymphocytes?

The T lymphocytes tell the B lymphocytes what to do. Then the B lymphocytes tells the plasmas to make antibodies. And those cells make antibodies.

When do the amount of lymphocytes increase in the blood?

During TB, whooping cough, viral infections, tissue rejection reactions, and tumors.

What is function of a Monocytes?

Phagocytosis of large particles; typhoid, malaria, mononucleosis.

The Monocyte activates the T lymphocytes cells.

What are Monocytes called in the tissues?


Sometimes referred to as a Tissue Monocyte

Describe the appearance of the cell of a Monocytes?

They are huge

Nucleus looks like a U.

Describe the appearance of the cell of a Lymphocyte?

Reminds Dr Perryman of an acorn.

What is the normal count of White Blood Cells?

6000 to 11,000

What does anything over 10,000 indicate?


What does anything over 5,000 indicate?


What is a differential?

Indicates the percent of each particular leukocyte

If there is a bacterial infection (like strep), what white blood count will go up during a differential?


If there is a chronic bacterial infection (like TB), what white blood count will go up during a differential?


If there is a viral infection, what white blood count will go up during a differential?


What is Diapedesis?

The process by which leukocytes move through blood vessel walls to enter tissues.

What is leukemia?

Abnormal (uncontrolled) production of specific types of immature leukocytes.

What is the other name for Platelets?


What are Platelets?

The are fragments of giant cells called megakaryocytes

What is the function of Platelets?

Blood Clotting

What is the normal count of Platelets?

150k to 300k

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