28 terms

Mr. Hill 1950's definitions

a major corporation that includes a number of smaller companies in unrelated industries (Coca Cola)
a company that offers similar products or services in many locations (Subway, McDonald's)
Social conformity
businesses tried to match employee attitudes to create a suitable work environment, LOSS OF INDIVIDUALITY
The Baby Boom
a population explosion, the birthrate in the US soared during 1946 to 1964
reunion of families after war
economic prosperity
Dr. Spock wrote book of baby and child care(pediatrician)
Dr. Jonas Salk
developed a vaccine against the crippling disease poliomyelitis
Women's changing roles
women stopped working - housewives
owning a ca becomes a necessity, families owned a car
Installment Buying
buying a product and paying in small amounts per month
(buying goods meant success)
chemical industry, electronics, polyester, Teflon, household appliances, rec equipment
these were found everywhere - billboards, tv, radio
idealized white Americans
Radio and movies
Forecast of weather was told over this
more theaters - scifi became very popular
cinematic scope (3D)
The Beatniks
nonconformist lives - art and poetry
cared little about material goods (Jack Kerouac)
Rock and Roll
electronic instruments, inspired by rhythm and blues, expression of rebellion
Elvis - King of this genre
African American Culture
more integration in real life than on TV
African American stations set up
Heavily based around Radio
Segregated lives
White Flight
Whites moved to suburbs because the rural areas were poor and cities were small
suburbanization - to buy a house
Urban Renewal and the Inner City Problems
poverty, homes were not available
Mexican Americans
Heavily discriminated against - mostly in the Southwest
Native Americans (termination policy)
Under the Eisenhower Administration, left them on their own
policy was a terrible failure
Servicemen's readjustment Act (GI Bill)
paid for college
gave loans for homes or business
National Security Act
Reorganized Military
Army, Navy, Air Force under jurisdiction of Department of Defense
Covert Foreign Affairs
The Leisure Class
modern machines gave them more time - work vacations, labor saving devices, sports, reading, clubs
The Interstate Highway
nationwide network of roads (work errands)
Federal Communications Committee
Government agency regulates communications
American Dream
moving to a house, getting married, two kids
a Mexican laborer who worked in the United States on farms and railroads in order to ease labor shortages during World War II
Felix Longoria
Mexican American, World War 2 veteran (hero). Buried in Arlington National Cemetery. After refusal to be buried by his home town because of his race.