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Philip was the king of ______________.


King Philip wanted to take over the ___________ Empire, but died before he could attack.


The Pharos was a giant ____________.


Alexander built a great city named ___________ in Egypt.


The name "Alexander " means " ruler of ___________."


Bucephalus was the name of Alexander's _________.


What did Alexander do to the Gordian Knot?

He cut it in half

Why was Alexander nable to conquer all of India?

His soldiers refused to fight

What did Alexander do so that people of the future would remember him?

He built many cities

How did Alexander die?

No one knows for sure; he just became weaker and weaker

After Alexander died, his generals divided his empire into ___________parts.


True or False
Egypt was the first area conquered by King Philip.


True or False
Alexander tamed his horse by turning him so he coldn't see his shadow.


True or False
Alexander was only 20 years old when he became king.


True or False
Ptolemy I became the new pharaoh of Egypt after the death of Alexander.


True or False
After Alexander died, his generals got along well together.


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