20 terms

Science Chpter 1 - Test

Gillette's hypothesis was
supported by his results
To search for answers to ?s, you can
make observations
environmental scientist
scientists that study how humans interact with their environment
A limitation of models
They do not act exactly like the things they model
Example of a physical model
a map
Results of an investigation are communicated to
share information
A scientific law
is a summary of many experimental results and observations
Actual events
measures the effectiveness of a mathematical model with its prediction
What is a testable hypothesis?
The bones forund in New Mexico came from a dinosaur unknown to science
NOT true about scientific methods
The steps must be used in order
To be certain of the conclusions of an experiment
must have more people in the experimental group than in the control group
Scientists design experiments that will show if a _______ was the cause of an outcome.
the basic SI unit of length
describes your mass
a possible explanation or answer to a question
Analyzing the results of an experiment
can be done by organizing your data into tables and graphs
After forming a hypothesis
you should test your hypothesis
is a statement of cause and effect to test a hypothesis
transfers energy to an object to increase its _________
If a hypothesis is not supported by the tests
scientists realize that they did the experiment wrong