GACS lclab English 9 - Vocabulary from Latin & Greek Roots - Unit 19 - Applying the Meanings

25 terms by lclab4

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A __________ in colonial America would have been constantly busy with home and children.


Even as a child, Bess was _______ towards the other students in her class.


Darnell is going to take a year off before he __________ at the business school.


The Sidlowskis no longer ___________ the deli.


The college professor tried not to _________ the high school students.


Toby began to feel ________ towards the abandoned young boy.


The prince was so jealous of his father that he contemplated __________ in order to take over the throne.


Gertrude was an _________ who abandoned America for France.


Carl admitted that he felt more ______ affection for his stepfather than for his father.


The small business became an ________ of a much larger corporation in New York.


The __________ of the Louis family in America was a fur merchant named Jacques.


At family reunions, the couples always posed for a photograph with their numerous _______.


After discovering an old picture of his great uncle, Phillip became interested in the _________ of his family.


However the ________ dressed, she always looked younger than her years.


I wish my _________ were full of interesting characters, but most of my ancestors were simple farmers.


Greta never stopped feeling ________ towards her children, even when they were all grown up.


Right after high school, James tried to _________ into a program for weak readers.


Michael was shocked when his longtime ________ was arrested for being a career bank robber.


No one enjoys having a friend who is always _________, even if such condescension is not intentional.


The stable was full of the ________ of the blue ribbon winner, and several generations lived together.


Sometimes Arthur and his family considered becoming _______ because they hated the political system in their own country.


Adult male bears feel little _________ instinct, and they will even attack their own offspring.


The _______ bond between Mort and his parents was made clear when he thanked them in his wedding speech.


Although Sue sometimes hated her father, she would never have considered _________.


A ____________ of Benjamin Franklin must have had an inventive spirit, since Franklin himself was so creative.

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