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Their name derived from the amniotic egg which contains specialized membranes that protect the embryo.

But one thing I don't quite get is why does mammals are in this phylum, because mammals don't lay eggs.
*This phylogeny shows that mammals are actually in this phylum, but they don't actually related to other amniotic animals
*Their closest relatives are the amphibians, but that does not show on this graph.
The shell egg amniotes work some what similar to the seed of the plant.
*Lay egg on dry land are one of the major reason that amniotes can roam everywhere on Earth, where amphibian are restricted close to body of water and can't travel much farther than those of amniotic.
*Also use scale to prevent dehydration in dry air, but with scale, it prevent reptile from breathing through their skin, so they rely on lung for gas exchange.
Some scientist came up with a hypothesis of the dermal plates are homology to turtle shells
One of the most obvious character of the diapsids is a pair of holes on each side of the skull, behind the eye socket.
pterosaur wings were different from wings of birds and bats.
*Theropod were bipedal carnivores and its the scientific name for meat-eating dinosaurs.
*One example of theropod is the well know T-rex
*Some scientist still debate whether dinosaur are ectoderm or endoderm because there is no living and strong evidence about the case.
*These tuatara live on island and feed on insects, small lizard, birds egg and chicks. They can live over 100 yrs old if they are not being threatened by existence of rats.
*Most lizard can be small like this Australian thorn devil lizard, but some are quite big. One example of big lizard is the Komodo dragon.
*Komodo dragon are quite large and they hunt really large prey, they feast on deer, wild pig, sometime even WATER BUFFALO, baby komodo dragon, and lastly, many human found kill by these lizards. Komodo would kill by infecting their prey with a mouth full of bacteria when they bite, and wait until their prey die from blood infection.
these leg are very much useless to them and could do nothing but a bothersome clinging body parts
*Turtle are the only amniotic reptile that have a moist surface for gas exchange rather than scale.
*land turtles have large shells.
*But sea turtles have reduce shell and enlarge forelimb that function as flipper
*Crocodilians are confined to warm regions of Africa, China, Indonesia, India, Australia, S and S.E America. They like to be around the equator where there is hot and swampy place
* But after spending years on endangered species list, they have made a strong comeback.