19 terms

unit 4 - ch 13

naval officer ___ ____, a pioneer in computer programming was a prime developer of COBOL
grace hopper
_____ is an object-oriented programming language that is an extension of the C programing language
a special formatting language that formatters use to format documents for display on the web
HTML uses _____ which are codes that specify links to other documents and indicate how a web page is displayed when viewed on the web
tags or elements
one application of XML is the ___ specification, often used by news web sites to publish headlines & stories
RSS 2.0
a ___ language is an interpreted language that typically is easy to learn & use
____ originally was developed at NASA's jet propulsion laboratory as a procedural scripting language similar to C and C++
javascript is a ___ ___ which means anyone can use it without purchasing a license
open language
typically web pages created with ___ are more animated and responsive to user interaction
____ contain the formats for how a particular object should display in a web browser
cascading style sheet
many developers use web page ____ software to create sophisticated web pages that include graphical images, video, audio, animation, and other special effects
the __ __ __ __ is a series of steps programmers use to build computer programs
a ____ chart identifies a programs inputs, outputs, and the processing requires to transform the inputs to outputs.
unlike the control structure, with the __ __ __ a condition can yield one of three or more possibilities
case control structure
a ____ graphically shows the logic in a solution algorithm
___ uses a condensed form of english to convey program logic
a programming language's ____ is the set of grammar and rules that specifies how to write instructions for a solution algorithm
a program has its own documentation, called _____
the process of locating & correcting sintax & logic errors in a program is known as ___ the program