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A major delay station for sensory information ascending to the primary sensory areas of the cerebral cortex is called what? It contains many specialized nuclei
a shallow groove on the surface of the cortex is called a
all of the following are structures of the limbic system except the
caudate nucleus
an individual was involved in an accident that severed his spinal cord between T12 and L1. This would result in
an individual who is able to trace a picture of a bicycle with his or her finger but could not recognize it as a bicycle is most likely to have sustained damage to the
visual association area
beginning about 90 minutes after the onset of sleep, the stage during which most skeletal muscles, except the diaphragm, are paralyzed is called
broca's area
is considered a motor speech area
cell bodies of the sensory neurons of the spinal nerves are located in the
dorsal root ganglia of the spinal chord
declarative memory
is the ability to learn specific information
during this stage of sleep, it is very easy to awaken the sleeper and they may even deny that they were asleep. Th EEG shows alpha waves.
Stage 1
During this stage of sleep, sleep spindles appear and typify the stage
stage 2
during this stage of sleep, the eyes move under the eyelids and dreaming occurs
during this stage of sleep, theta and delta waves begin to appear
stage 3
during this stage of sleep, vital signs, blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature, reach their lowest normal levels
stage 4
if the caudal portion of the neural tube failed to develop properly the
spinal chord may be affected
important nuclei of the indirect, multineural, system that receive impulses from the equilibrium apparatus of the inner ear and help to maintain balance by varying muscle tone of postural muscles are the
vestibular nuclei
in the illicit manufacture of meperidine, an opioid analgesic, a neurotoxin called MPTP may be synthesized. MPTP targets the substantia nigra in humans. In people who take MPTP mistaking it for meperidine you would expect them to develop
parkinson's-like symptoms
injury to the hypothalamus may result in all of the following except
loss of proprioception
neural tracts that convey life-saving information to the brain concerning burning pain would be
lateral spinothalmic
nuclei of cranial nerves, V, VI, and VII are found in the
REM sleep is associated with
temporary skeletal muscle inhibition except for ocular muscles and diaphragm
ridges of tissue on the surface of the cerebral hemispheres are called
spastic paralysis suggest involvement of the
upper motor neurons
spinocerebellar tracts
carry proprioceptive inputs to the cerebellum
the arbor vitae refers to the
cerebellar white matter
the area in which the nerves serving the upper limbs arise is called the
cervical enlargment
the area of the brain that associates experiences necessary for the production of abstract ideas, judgement and conscience is called the
prefrontal area
the area of the cortex that is responsible for sensations of the full bladder and the feeling that your lungs will burst when you hold your breath too long is the
visceral sensory area
the axons from this area, are called what, form the major pyramidal tracts
primary motor cortex
the blood brain barrier is effective against
metabolic wastes such as urea
the brain area that regulates activities that control the state of wakefulness or alertness of the cerebral cortex is the
reticular formation
the brainstem consists of the
midbrain, pons, and medulla
the central sulcus separates which lobes
frontal and parietal
the executive suite of the brain is called the
the frontal lobe is separated from the temporal lobe by the
lateral sulcus
the gateway to the cerebrum is called the
the motor command area of the brain is called the
the point in an adult where the spinal cord terminates is called the
conus medullaris
the primary auditory cortex is located in the
temporal lobe
the process of linking new facts with old facts already stored in memory is called
the stage that appears to be critical to emotional health and which is shortened by many medicines, illicit drugs and alcohol, is called what? It may be a time during which the CNS "debugs" connections
the subarachnoid space lies between which two layers of meninges
arachnoid and pia
the survival center of the brain is called the
brain stem
the visceral command center of the brain is called the
the vital centers for the control of the heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure are located in the
the white matter of the spinal cord contains
myelinated and unmyelinated nerve fibers
this anchors the spinal cord in place and is called the
filium terminale
this area called the what is primarily responsible for maintaining homeostasis, it is the main visceral control center of the body
this collection of nerve roots at the inferior end of the vertebral column is called the
cauda equina
tremor at rest, shuffling gait, stooped posture, and an expressionless face are characteristics of
parkinson's disease
two terms for the massive motor tracts serving voluntary movement are
pyramidal and corticospinal
what cells line the ventricles of the brain
ependymal cells
which brain nucleus is the body's biological clock
suprachiasmic nucleus
which brain waves would you not expect to see in an adult who is awake, but would expect to see in chidren
which category of memory is involved when playing the piano
which fissure separates the cerebral hemispheres
longitudinal fissure
which of the following generalizations does not accurately describe the cerebral cortex
the hemispheres are exactly equal in function
which of the following are involved with motor activity, either initiation or coordination
red nuclei
which of the following is not a function of the CSF
initiation of some nerve impulses
which of the following is not a role of the basal nuclei
initiating protective reflex actions
which of the following is the mildest consequence of traumatic brain injury
which of the following statements is a false or incorrect statement
damage to the primary motor cortex results only in the loss of both voluntary muscle control and reflex
which of the following structures is probably not directly involved in memory
medulla oblongata
which of the following would you not find in normal cerebrospinal fluid
red blood cells
which of these would you not find in the cerebral cortex
fiber tracts
which part of the cerebral cortex is involved in intellect, cognition, recall and personality?
frontal cortex, prefrontal
which statement about coma is true
coma may be caused by widespread cerebral or brain stem trauma
which statement about epilepsy is most accurate
epilepsy is usually a genetic condition, but it may also be caused by head trauma, stroke, infections and tumors
which statement is not true
stage 4 sleep increases in old age
white matter is found in all of the following
cerebral cortex