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Embryonic cells that have the potential to become any cell type are called

stem cells

The tissue that lines internal surfaces of the body is


What type of tissue is blood?


Which of the following represents the correct hierarchy of organization in the human body?

-cells —> tissues —> organs —> organ systems

Maintaining the volume and composition of body fluids is the direct responsibility of which system?


What we usually call the "back" of the human body is really the


The nervous system is produced by

the ectoderm

Which of the following functions can the skin perform?

all of the above

UV light is necessary for the production of which vitamin?

vitamin D

Four of the five answers below pertain to smooth muscle, select the exception


The basic unit of the nervous system is


The resting potential of a neuron is approximately

-70 millivolts

Which is a junction between two neurons?

chemical synapse

All nerves that conduct impulses away from the central nervous system are

motor only

Active chemicals found in chocolate, tea, coffee, and soft drinks are examples of which of the following?


A stretch receptor is classified as a


Receptors in the human nose are


The sense of equilibrium can detect

all of these

Eyes are


The part of the eye that may be colored (for example, brown, blue, green, or gray) is the


Which of the following act as signaling molecules?

hormones, neurotransmitters, and pheromones

Hormones are distributed throughout the body by the

blood system

Which gland secretes hormones that affect other endocrine glands?


The molting hormone of insects is:ecdsyone

Which organisms have a hydrostatic skeleton with a soft body wall?


Which organisms have a somewhat rigid internal skeleton and many muscles?


The mineral stored in greatest quantity in bones is


Bones in fingers or toes are called


The body's strongest weight-bearing bone is the


Which of the following muscle pairs are antagonistic?

bicepts and tricepts

Four of the five answers listed below are energy sources for muscles, Select the exception.


The main energy for prolonged muscle work comes from:

aerobic respiration of carbohydrates and fats

The pectoralis major muscle is located:


The most immediate, but necessarily limited, source of energy for reformation of ATP in muscle cells is:

creatine phosphate

A goiter is an enlarged form of which gland?:


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