Roman History Flashcards

Flashcards for the 3/29/12 test over Roman History.
What were the 3 periods in Roman History?
Monarchy, Republic, Empire
When was Rome founded?
753 BC
Who was the first Roman king?
Who was the last Roman king?
What are fasces?
A bundle of rods with an ax blade on the end
Who was Scipio Africanus?
Roman general, concluded the second Punic War.
Who was Hannibal?
Attacked Italy during second Punic War by crossing Alps with elephants
What is the Mare Nostrum? Why is it called the Mare Nostrum?
"Our sea," Roman name for the Mediterranean Sea.
Who was the first Emperor?
Octavius (or Caesar Augustus)
Who did Nero persecute?
The Christians
Discuss what happened under the rule of Trajan.
Under his rule the empire was at its greatest extent from the Atlantic to the Caspian.
Who was Marcus Aurelius?
Philosopher emperor
Who was Constantine?
First Christian emperor
Who was the final emperor?
Who did Rome fall to?
The Goths
What was the Senate? What were they in charge of?
The advisory board, in charge of taxes and war
What was the Comitia Tributa in charge of (what was their power)? Who did they elect?
Had power to veto, elected tribunes and aediles
What is the Comitia Centuriata? What are they comparable to in modern-day? Who did they elect?
Passed laws, modern-day electoral college, elected magistrates
What was the Comitia Centuriata broken into? (Hint: 3 groups)
Equestrians, infantry, common people
What offices of the Cursus Honorum are optional?
Aediles, tribunes
Who were the equestrians?
Wealthiest group
Who were the Plabians?
Common people, lower social class
Who were the Freedmen? What were their rights? What couldn't they do?
Freed slaves, could vote and own property but couldn't hold office.
Where is Rome located?
On the Tiber River, Palatine Hill
Where was the Temple of Jupiter located?
Capitoline Hill
Where were wealthy homes located?
Palatine Hill
What is the order of the Cursus Honorum?
Quaestor, tribune, aedile, praetor, consul, censor
What is a quaestor?
In charge of public revenue
What is a tribune?
Roman official
What is an aedile?
Responsible for public buildings and games
What is a praetor?
Roman magistrate
What is a consul?
Chief magistrate
What is a censor?
Held censuses and supervised public morals
What were Patricians?
Wealthy aristocrats
What was the Ostia?
Located at the mouth of the Tiber River, Rome's major port
What was the Tiber?
River in central Italy, Rome is located on it
What are the 3 things that make a Forum?
Basilica, Curia, Rostra
What are vigiles?
Roman policemen
What was the Via Appia?
Roman road leading South
Spacious front hall, reception room
Opening in the ceiling of the atrium for light
Marble basin below the compluvium for rainwater
Study or office of the master
Open courtyard/garden, center of family living
Dining room, with three couches
Elaborate country homes owned by wealthy Romans
Roman tenement or apartment