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Hot Dogs

History of hot dogs
mentioned in Homer's Odyssey around 850 BC
Emperor Nero's cook - Gaius
credited with the first sausage
The Peter Principle
Lawrence J. Peter
Johann Georghehner
created the dachshund or little dog sausage
Frankfurt, Germany
claims to have developed the frankfurter
Vienna, Austria
the "weins" point to the term "weiner" to prove the birth of the hot dog
Charles Feltman
inventor of hot dog on a bun - built a mini empire on Coney Island
Anton Geuchtwanger
made hot dog buns ( a split bun) and called them "red hots"
Yale Record
poem about the Kennel Club lunch wagon
Nathan Handwerker
nathan's famous hot dogs
served Nathan's hot dogs to British monarch King George VI
What's in a hot dog?
beef, pork, chicken, turkey, parts...
content of hot dogs
30% fat, 55% water, stomachs, hearts, tongues, brains, kidneys, liver, feet, etc
Hot dogs consumed
7 billion hot dogs (818 per second)
Hebrew National
high quality Kosher products
Chef Manabu Horiuchi
Kata-Ro-Dog-a is deep fried - Mega Dog
Egypt - preservation of grains and cereals
for fear of the Nile not flooding regularly
Mesopotamian beer and wine contained what that treated infections
tannur ovens
first evidence of ovens in Mesopotamia
North American Indians - removing the fat, cooking, and grinding it into paste
Nicholas Appert
rewarded by Napoleon Bonaparte for his discovery of canning - appertization
Appert's process
strong corks, mixed quicklime (calcium oxide) and water for sealant
Peter Durand
inventor of the tin can
John Mason
invented the Mason jar also called "Ball jar"
Incas freeze drying
stored foods at high altitude
Freeze-dried coffee
created by Nestle, 2nd was Taster's Choice
Clarence Birdseye
Father of frozen food
TV dinners, lean cuisine, weight watchers
led to the invention of the microwave oven