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Homo habilis
man of skill or ability; first tool maker
Homo ergaster
working man; found in Africa, noted for his hand-axe
Homo erectus
upright man; found in Asia
1st to bury their dead; had contact with and produced offspring with homo sapiens
archaic (ancient) homo sapiens--1st to create art
homo sapiens
wise man; modern human
Australopithecus afarensis
"Lucy"; small hominid from 3 million years ago; austral (southern) pith (ape)
humans and their upright-walking ancestors
Neolithic Age
New Stone Age--still using stone to make tools, but now the tools are used to farm and domesticate animals
Paleolithic Age
Old Stone Age--the age when hunter-gatherers lived--they used stone tools to hunt and gather food
The study of ancient times, cultures, artifacts
The study of humans
homo-, hom-, hum-
morpheme: Latin for "human" or "man"

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