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Sedimentary Rocks


any trace or remains of a living organism that has been preserved by natural means


Study of fossilized animals and plants


Nonclastic sedimentary rock formed when minerals crystalize and sink to the bottom of still water


Nonclastic sedimentary rock formed when minerals crystalize in still water and left behind when the water evaporates


Common or Rock salt

Salt Dome

halite deposited deep underground as a vertical cylindrical mass forced upward from below by great pressure

Uses for Limestone

Neutralizing acidic soils, building roads, making cement


containing mainly calcite -- precipitates directly out of seawater


material in which something else is enclosed or embedded


similar to conglomerate but fragments are sharp and angular and often found in fine-grained matrix like clay


coarsest grade of clastic sedimentary rock, containing gravels, pebbles, cobbles, large boulders held together by mass of cemented sand grains -- most often contain quartz


similar to breccia and conglomerate but the fragments are smaller -- has porosity


one of two types of clastic sedimentary rock with smallest particles (microscopic) -- does not split easily into thin sheets


one of two types of clastic sedimentary rock with smallest particles (microscopic) -- splits easily into thin sheets, usually gray, may also be white, brown, red, green, black


The percentage of the total volume of a rock or sediment that consists of open spaces.


ability of a rock to permit liquids to pass through pores, happens when pores are interconnected

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