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  1. Crusades
  2. Who were the Bedouins and what did they believe in?
  3. Why is Islam not only a religion, but a way of life?
  4. Koran
  5. Jihad
  1. a The Holy book of the Muslims that contains the teachings of Muhammad
  2. b Holy war
  3. c Holy wars launched by Christians to retake the Holy Land from the Muslims
  4. d Arabic desert dwellers who were nomadic and moved from place to place in search of food and believed in nature gods since nature effected their everyday life
  5. e Because in order to be a good Muslim, you must follow all the rules of Islam, and these rules pretty much define how you are to live your life

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  1. 1. Hindus were polytheistic and would not accept Allah
    2. Hindus worshipped idols which was against Islam
    3. Hindus had a caste system in their society which the Muslims disliked because they believed all Muslims were equal
  2. The Mongols attacked and weakened them to allow for the Ottoman Turks to move in and take over
  3. Because he was preaching that their were no nature gods and so the merchants would lose a lot of money if people stopped coming to Mecca to worship at the shrine of the nature gods - the Kaaba
  4. When the Muslims were defeated by the Franks to stop Muslim expansion into Europe
  5. Title give to a person who has gone on the hajj to Mecca

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  1. Shiite MuslimsMuslims that accept the leaders of Islam, as long as the follow the rules of the religion


  2. ImamHoly war


  3. CaliphMeans "successor of the prophet"; the leaders of Islam after Muhammad


  4. Abu BakrMuhammad's father-in-law who would take over the leadership of the Muslims when Muhammad died


  5. What are the Five Pillars of Islam?1. Must believe in Allah and Muhammad is his prophet
    2. Pray 5 times a day facing Mecca
    3. Give to the poor
    4. Fast during the month of Ramadan
    5. Take a hajj to Mecca at least once in your life


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