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  1. Imam
  2. How did Muhammad's job as a manager of a caravan impact Islam?
  3. Koran
  4. What was the Hijra and why is it important to Islam?
  5. What did Muhammad do to gain the merchants favoritism?
  1. a Trip from Mecca to Medina that Muhammad took when he found out his life was in danger; marks the start of the Muslim calendar
    )saved his life and
    2)saved the Islamic religion
  2. b His job allowed him to meet Christians and Jews and introduced him to monotheism
  3. c The Holy book of the Muslims that contains the teachings of Muhammad
  4. d he won them over by making it one of the pillars of Islam that Muslims must go to Mecca once in their life, bringing the merchants back their business to the Kaaba
  5. e Person who called Muslims to prayer, but later became the title of the leaders of the Shiite Muslims

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  1. 1. Because the Arabian peninsula was becoming overpopulated so they were looking for more territory
    2. One of the goals of Islam is to go out and convert people to the religion
  2. Arabic name for God
  3. Hindu practice when a woman throws herself on her husband's burning body to kill herself
  4. Church of Islam
  5. They forced the polytheists to either convert or be enslaved or killed; they charged Christians and Jews special taxes because they worshiped the same God as the Muslims

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  1. HajjPilgrimmage to Mecca that is part of the Pillars of Islam that all Muslims are supposed to take


  2. PolytheisticBelief in many gods


  3. What proof is there that the Ottoman Turks were the most powerful Muslim group to rule their world up to that time?They were hired as a military for the Abbasids when the people started to rebel against their rule since they had grown greedy and corrupt and the Turks eventually decided since they were the real power in the Empire, that they would take over and rule it themselves


  4. In what way were the Seljuk Turks smart in their take over of the Muslim world?They did not take the title of caliph because they were new to Islam and knew the Muslims would not have accepted them as "successors of the prophet" because Muslims support their faith so strongly and would have been insulted


  5. GabrielThe angel that spoke to Muhammad and told him he was the last prophet of God