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  1. What caused the fall of the Umayyad Dynasty and the rise of the Abbasids?
  2. Give a biography of Muhammad, including his early life, until his death.
  3. Sunna
  4. Mecca
  5. What four things allowed the Muslims to easily conquer the people of India?
  1. a Muhammad's father died before he was born and his mother died before he was 6. He lived with his uncle and became a merchant, working for Khadija. The fell in love and were married. He would become the prophet of Islam when he turned 40, would leave Mecca, later return and die there
  2. b 1. Hindus had only one warrior caste to fight
    2. Hindu generals sabotaged each other to try and get the glory
    3. Hindu war elephants spooked in battle and trampled soldiers
    4. Hindu military tactics were out of date because of isolationism
  3. c The teachings of Muhammad
  4. d Because the military was no longer seen as important when the Muslims could not expand further in to Europe, the Muslim world started to look to leaders who could make them wealthy and powerful - which were the Abbasids, who were merchants
  5. e Holy city for the Muslims where the Kaaba was located and where Muhammad was born

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  1. Because in order to be a good Muslim, you must follow all the rules of Islam, and these rules pretty much define how you are to live your life
  2. Trip from Mecca to Medina that Muhammad took when he found out his life was in danger; marks the start of the Muslim calendar
    )saved his life and
    2)saved the Islamic religion
  3. The Mongols attacked and weakened them to allow for the Ottoman Turks to move in and take over
  4. Hindu practice when a woman throws herself on her husband's burning body to kill herself
  5. Laws of Islam that explain how Muslims should live their lives

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  1. KoranThe Holy book of the Muslims that contains the teachings of Muhammad


  2. What are the Five Pillars of Islam?They forced the polytheists to either convert or be enslaved or killed; they charged Christians and Jews special taxes because they worshiped the same God as the Muslims


  3. CaliphMeans "successor of the prophet"; the leaders of Islam after Muhammad


  4. What stopped Muslim expansion into Europe?When the Muslims lost the Battle of Tours to the Franks, it ended their ability to expand in to Europe


  5. How did Muslims treat nonbelievers of Islam?1. Hindus were polytheistic and would not accept Allah
    2. Hindus worshipped idols which was against Islam
    3. Hindus had a caste system in their society which the Muslims disliked because they believed all Muslims were equal