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  1. How did Islam unite the people of the Middle East and North Africa?
  2. Why did the Muslim world expand under the Umayyad Dynasty?
  3. Saladin
  4. What was the Hijra and why is it important to Islam?
  5. What did Muhammad do to gain the merchants favoritism?
  1. a he won them over by making it one of the pillars of Islam that Muslims must go to Mecca once in their life, bringing the merchants back their business to the Kaaba
  2. b Leader of the Seljuk Turks who would sign a peace treaty to end the Crusades
  3. c 1. Common language of Arabic so everyone could communicate
    2. Everyone was equal if they were Muslim so no discrimination
  4. d 1. Because the Arabian peninsula was becoming overpopulated so they were looking for more territory
    2. One of the goals of Islam is to go out and convert people to the religion
  5. e Trip from Mecca to Medina that Muhammad took when he found out his life was in danger; marks the start of the Muslim calendar
    )saved his life and
    2)saved the Islamic religion

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  1. Belief in many gods
  2. Shrine originally that held a black stone of the nature gods but became a holy site for the Muslims
  3. 1. Hindus were polytheistic and would not accept Allah
    2. Hindus worshipped idols which was against Islam
    3. Hindus had a caste system in their society which the Muslims disliked because they believed all Muslims were equal
  4. Group of traders who travel together for protection
  5. Muslim practice of secluding women

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  1. Who were the Bedouins and what did they believe in?Arabic desert dwellers who were nomadic and moved from place to place in search of food and believed in nature gods since nature effected their everyday life


  2. What four things allowed the Muslims to easily conquer the people of India?They forced the polytheists to either convert or be enslaved or killed; they charged Christians and Jews special taxes because they worshiped the same God as the Muslims


  3. HajjiPilgrimmage to Mecca that is part of the Pillars of Islam that all Muslims are supposed to take


  4. CaliphArabic name for God


  5. BedouinsThe Holy book of the Muslims that contains the teachings of Muhammad