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  1. Battle of Tours
  2. Khadija
  3. Minaret
  4. Abu Bakr
  5. Why is Islam not only a religion, but a way of life?
  1. a Muhammad's father-in-law who would take over the leadership of the Muslims when Muhammad died
  2. b Muhammad's wife who fell in love with him when he managed her caravan route
  3. c When the Muslims were defeated by the Franks to stop Muslim expansion into Europe
  4. d Tower found at a mosque that people use to call the faithful to prayer
  5. e Because in order to be a good Muslim, you must follow all the rules of Islam, and these rules pretty much define how you are to live your life

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  1. They forced the polytheists to either convert or be enslaved or killed; they charged Christians and Jews special taxes because they worshiped the same God as the Muslims
  2. Muhammad's father died before he was born and his mother died before he was 6. He lived with his uncle and became a merchant, working for Khadija. The fell in love and were married. He would become the prophet of Islam when he turned 40, would leave Mecca, later return and die there
  3. Holy war
  4. Holy city for the Muslims where the Kaaba was located and where Muhammad was born
  5. His job allowed him to meet Christians and Jews and introduced him to monotheism

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  1. In what way were the Seljuk Turks smart in their take over of the Muslim world?They did not take the title of caliph because they were new to Islam and knew the Muslims would not have accepted them as "successors of the prophet" because Muslims support their faith so strongly and would have been insulted


  2. KoranArabic name for God


  3. AllahMeans "successor of the prophet"; the leaders of Islam after Muhammad


  4. SultanMeans "ruler"; title taken by the Seljuk Turks when they ruled the Muslim Empire


  5. RamadanLeader of the Seljuk Turks who would sign a peace treaty to end the Crusades


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