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  1. Theocracy
  2. Saladin
  3. Crusades
  4. What caused the split in the Muslim religion, name the two groups, and what each group believed?
  5. How did Islam unite the people of the Middle East and North Africa?
  1. a Holy wars launched by Christians to retake the Holy Land from the Muslims
  2. b 1. Common language of Arabic so everyone could communicate
    2. Everyone was equal if they were Muslim so no discrimination
  3. c Leader of the Seljuk Turks who would sign a peace treaty to end the Crusades
  4. d Government ruled by a religious leader
  5. e It was over who should be the next ruler of Islam; the two groups are the Sunnis and the Shiites; the Sunnis believe anyone can rule as long as the follow the teachings of Muhammad; the Shiites believe only descendants of Muhammad can rule

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  1. 1. Hindus were polytheistic and would not accept Allah
    2. Hindus worshipped idols which was against Islam
    3. Hindus had a caste system in their society which the Muslims disliked because they believed all Muslims were equal
  2. Holy month when Muslims are expected to fast from sun up to sun down as part of Pillars of Islam
  3. They did not take the title of caliph because they were new to Islam and knew the Muslims would not have accepted them as "successors of the prophet" because Muslims support their faith so strongly and would have been insulted
  4. Holy city for the Muslims where the Kaaba was located and where Muhammad was born
  5. Muhammad's father-in-law who would take over the leadership of the Muslims when Muhammad died

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  1. UlemaTeacher of Islam


  2. MosqueHoly city for the Muslims where the Kaaba was located and where Muhammad was born


  3. What was the Hijra and why is it important to Islam?The Kaaba was a shrine originally that held a black stone of the nature gods but became a holy site for the Muslims when Muhammad smashed to stone that was held there


  4. HajjTitle give to a person who has gone on the hajj to Mecca


  5. What are the four things a good Muslim can't do?1. Must believe in Allah and Muhammad is his prophet
    2. Pray 5 times a day facing Mecca
    3. Give to the poor
    4. Fast during the month of Ramadan
    5. Take a hajj to Mecca at least once in your life