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Name the five types of conflict

Character vs. character, self, society, fate, and nature

Define conflict

The struggle between opposing forces in a story of play. (without it there is no plot)

Antony uses what to compare Lepidus do a donkey and a horse?


How is Mark Antony related to pubilus?

He's his nephew

How much time has passed since Caesars death?

A year and a half

Discribe 3 major conflicts going on in the play? Brutus's, antony's, and Cassius' conflicts.

Brutus: portias death, fight with Cassius, and conflict with Caesars ghost
Antony: dosnt like Lepidus and nephew(publius) is on the hit list
Cassius: Brutus accuses him of taking bribes

What does Brutus accuse Cassius of doing?

Taking bribes

What does Brutus ask Lucilius about?

Brutus asks about Cassius

Why is Cassius upset? With Brutus?

Because he feels Brutus has done him wrong

What is an itchy palm?


What can you infer from Brutus' optimism I his speech to Cassius?

He still feels idealistic and feels justified in his part of killing caesar

How much time has passed in act four scene two?

Several months

What is the setting of act four scene two?

Takes place in a military camp near Sardis in Asia Minor

What is the setting of act four scene one?

In Antony House in Rome

What three Caracters create the Death List?

Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus

What is the purpose of the death list?

To show who they are going to kill next

Who is on the death list?

Lepidus' brother, Pubilus, and others

Why does Lepidus leave to get Caesars will?

They want to change it to reduce the amount of money for the people

What is the relationship between Antony and Octavius?

Ita fragile with pedy bickering and arguing over little nonsense

What does internal conflict mean?

Within the main character who is torn between opssing feelings or goals (caracter vs. character)

What does external conflict mean?

Exsist when's character struggles against some outside (character vs. force, nature, society, person, fate)

What does Brutus question himself what does he wish to be undone?

He is second guessing his participation in the conspiracy he wishes he had never done it

Who is Pindarus master?


How has the friendship between Brutus and Cassius changed?

Their friendship is pulling away, civility is forced

What is the setting of act four scene three?

Takes place in Brutus' tent a few minuets later after scene two

What does Cassius deny Brutus?

He denies money for his troops

What was Cassius response to the acussation?

He Denys that he ever said it and Blames it on the messanger

Who does Cassius blame for his angry temper?

His mom

Cassius becomes sad when Brutus is upset with him. What is Brutus' reaction to Cassius' grief ?

They reconciled and made up

Why did the Poet make his brief entrance into the scene?

Shakespere includes him as a satire! (He is making fun of artistic people the poet thinks he is wise but he is a fool)

Britus tell Cassius that he is too upset, why?

Because Portia killed herself

How does Portia die?

She swallows hot coals

What happened to the 70 conspirators and the senate?

They all were killed by the Pleabians

Who tells Brutus and Cassius that Cicero is dead?

Massalla tells them

How does Portia's death foreshadow Britus' death?

She commits suicide, later on he does to

Where do Cassius and Britus decide to take their army's too?


What does Brutus discribe the events in men's lives too? And he uses a?

Ocean currents

What message does the ghost of Caesar give Brutus?

That he will see him at Phillipi

Does anyone else besides Brutus see the Ghost of Caesar?


After Brutus sees the ghost of Caesar what does that tell you about his state of mind?

That he might be crazy insane or paranoid

Where does Brutus send Claudio and Varrus when he wakes them up? And why?

To take a message to Cassius letting him know that he should move his troops and he will follow

Define Satire

Writing that exposes or ridicules the vices or follies of people of societys mocking something serious

Describe the simile in lines 4.2.23-27:
Brutus says, "But hollow men, like horses hot at hand, make gallant show and promise of their mettle. But when they should endure the bloody spur, they fall their crests and like deceitful jades, sink n the trial."

Brutus compares insincere men to horses
(pg. 845)

Brutus directs Varrus and Claudio to lie down to sleep. Lucius plays music for Brutus to put him to sleep, sense Brutus is tired. Brutus looks for his book , and when he finally finds it, he sees the _________ of ___________ in the taper light.

Ghost of Caesar

Define Character vs. Character

the main character in conflict with another character, human or not human

Define Character vs. self

The main character experiences some kind of inner conflict

Define Character vs. Nature

the main character in conflict with the forces of nature, which serve as the antagonist

Define Character vs. fate

Main character experiences a conflict with God or destiny

Define Character vs. society

the main character in conflict with a larger group; a community, society, culture, etc.

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