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  1. gel electrophoresis
  2. selective breeding
  3. mutations are due to...
  4. each subunit contains...
  5. DNA molecules
  1. a technique used to separate DNA
  2. b producing domestic animals and new variations of plants with desirable traits
    -animals are breed to contain less fat
    -fruits to be larger, sweeter, and longer lasting
  3. c a sugar, phosphate, and a nitrogenous base
  4. d insertion, detection, or substitution
  5. e contain the genetic code for all organisms

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  1. -carry out most of the cells
    -can be enzymes, hormones, antibodies, or make up parts of cell organelles
    -the DNA code of gene is read in the nucleus and a messenger molecule is created (messenger RNA)
    -the message travels to a ribosome in the cytoplasm
  2. applying technology to biology, has been around for thousands of years
  3. to build
  4. allows for offspring with high variation
  5. replicate or copy, its coded instructions

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  1. 4 nitrogenous basescontain the genetic code for all organisms


  2. DNAis an organic molecule made of many small subunits called nucleotides (monomers)
    -double helix molecule


  3. after DNA is replicated..the cell divides to form two offspring cells, or daughter cells, each containing identical copies of DNA (mitosis)


  4. transcriptiongoing from DNA to mRNA


  5. gene manipulationorganisms have been genetically engineered to possess certain traits
    -flowers resistant to bugs
    -bacteria that feed on chemicals in oil spills
    -bacteria that produce HGH and insulin
    -plants resistant to herbicides