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  1. translation
  2. transcription
  3. genetic recombination
  4. replication produces...
  5. each subunit contains...
  1. a going from DNA to mRNA
  2. b allows for offspring with high variation
  3. c a sugar, phosphate, and a nitrogenous base
  4. d going from mRNA to protein
  5. e two identical copies of the cell's genetic information

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  1. is the passing on of genetic information from one generation to the next through reproduction
  2. applying technology to biology, has been around for thousands of years
  3. a template for a new DNA molecule to be made
  4. a new technology used to alter the genetic instructions of organisms
  5. amino acids -> shape -> function

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  1. gel electrophoresis-every body cell contains a complete set of identical genetic instructions
    -cells have selective activation of only the genes necessary for that cell
    - the environment can also affect the expression of genes


  2. mutations are due to...insertion, detection, or substitution


  3. asexual reproductioncontain half their genetic code from one parent and half from the other, making them similar but NOT identical


  4. DNAsingle stranded, contains U instead of T, for uracil


  5. types of genetic engineeringa new technology used to alter the genetic instructions of organisms