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  1. new DNA molecules are made by...
  2. single stranded DNA becomes...
  3. mutations are due to...
  4. mutation
  5. heredity
  1. a attaching matching base pairs of DNA to each template
  2. b is the passing on of genetic information from one generation to the next through reproduction
  3. c insertion, detection, or substitution
  4. d a template for a new DNA molecule to be made
  5. e an alteration in a sequence of DNA
    -change the normal message carried by the gene, causing a defect
    - they are random
    -affect the synthesis of proteins, which causes malfunctions in the cell. EX.) sickle cell anemia is caused by a substitution in the cell
    -can cause cell death

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  1. selective breeding and gene manipulation
  2. move specific amino acids to the ribosome, which are strung together to make a protein (transfer RNA)
  3. two identical copies of the cell's genetic information
  4. technique used to separate DNA
  5. contain the genetic code for all organisms

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  1. DNAis an organic molecule made of many small subunits called nucleotides (monomers)
    -double helix molecule


  2. gene expression-every body cell contains a complete set of identical genetic instructions
    -cells have selective activation of only the genes necessary for that cell
    - the environment can also affect the expression of genes


  3. 4 nitrogenous basescontain the genetic code for all organisms


  4. how does gene manipulation happen?special enzymes (restriction enzymes) cut DNA at specific sequences, which allows the DNA to be spliced or inserted, into a new organism
    -organisms will make proteins that express the new trait, and pass it on to their offspring


  5. for mutations to be inherited by offspring (sexual reproduction)...insertion, detection, or substitution