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  1. What are 2 reasons that the US senate rejected the annexation of Texas?
  2. Compromise of 1850 who came up with teh plan?
  3. May 8-9 general Taylor wins 2 battles against advancing Mexican soilders @
  4. Pop. in TX in 1850, and 1860?
  5. The Texas Rangers were givn this fearce name?
  1. a Settle the border conflict federal government paid $10 million to give up its claims- Senator Heney Clay
  2. b Palo Alto/ Resaca de la palma
  3. c 212,592 604,215
  4. d Sparking war with Mexico, Adding another slave state to the union.
  5. e `Los Diablos Tejanos

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  1. Oklahoma
  2. May 13, 1846
  3. Mirabeau B. Lamar
  4. Anson Jones
  5. 1)Governor 2) Comander 3) President 4)Senitor

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  1. Terms of Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?Mirabeau B. Lamar


  2. After fighting other US forces took controal of Cali and parts of ___ ______Calorado


  3. Who became the 1st govenor of Texas in 1846?James Pickney Henderson


  4. TX claimed its boundary on what river? Mexico claimed its boundary on what river?Rio Grande, Nueces River


  5. TX gave up its claims to 67 million acres of land in present-day______.New Mexico