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  1. 4 ways SAm Houston server TX
  2. Reservations
  3. 3 Indinan reservation still left today?
  4. General Winfield captured mexico city on?
  5. Seperation of powers/ checks and balances are in place to ensure each branch of government is-
  1. a Sept. 14. 1847
  2. b Limited area of land reserved for american indians
  3. c Equal
  4. d Alabama-Coushatta Kickapoo reservation Tigua Reservation
  5. e 1)Governor 2) Comander 3) President 4)Senitor

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  1. James Pickney Henderson
  2. New Mexico
  3. 212,592 604,215
  4. Texas Admission act
  5. Anson Jones

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  1. Compromise of 1850 who came up with teh plan?Settle the border conflict federal government paid $10 million to give up its claims- Senator Heney Clay


  2. TX gave up its claims to 67 million acres of land in present-day______.May 13, 1846


  3. Where was teh relocation of the indians living on the brazos& Comanche indian reservation to?Oklahoma


  4. TX claimed its boundary on what river? Mexico claimed its boundary on what river?Sept. 14. 1847


  5. The Texas Rangers were givn this fearce name?`Los Diablos Tejanos