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Where does the story take place?

A seventeenth century Boston colony

What were two early concerns of the colonists?

That the colony was in need of a Prison and a cemetery

What is "unsightly vegetation"?

The grass plot across from the prison with overgrown burdock, pigweed, and apple-peru on it.

What one flower contracts with the somberness of the scene?

The rose

What is described as "the black flower of civilized society"?

the prison

What is described as "a tale of human frailty and sorrow"?

the flower picked from the bush

What does the rose symbolize?

sweet moral blosom

What is the tone of this opening chapter?


When does the story take place?

1642 June

In one or two words describe "The Puritan Character.

solomn and severe

What is the seventeenth-century meaning of "gossip"?

a familiar acquaintance- only for women

Who is Mistress Hibbins?

A widow from a former magistrate

Why is the minister distressed

according to one woman?, Because of a scandal that came upon his congregation

List five physical characteristics of Hester

Tall,Dark and abundant hair,A rich complexion,Had a marked brow,
Deep black eyes

Who is the stranger

Roger Chillingworth, Hester's husband

Why is he accompanied by an Indian?

he has been captured, the indians brought him there for selling

Why did Hester precede her husband in the New World?

her husband had to take care of some affairs at home

What is the scaffold?

the platform where Hester stands

Who is John Wilson?

the eldest clergy man of Boston

List 2 qualities of Dimmesdale's preaching manor.

straight to the heart, simple

What is hinted about the scarlet letter as Hester returns to prison?

it glowed

Explain the title "The recognition"

Hester and her husband recognize each other after being apart for 2 years

How long must Hester stand on the scaffold?

three hours

Did the Massechusetts magistrates show mercy in the sentence?


Who is Master Brackett?

the jailer

Who is Roger Chillingworth?

A false doctor, Hester's husband

What does he vow to do?

to find Hester's lover

Why does he assume another name?

so that people will not know that he is Hester's husband

What does he make Hester promise?

to keep his identity a secret

Why does Hester hesitate about taking the medicine?

she thinks that it might be poison

Who is the Black Man of the forest?


Where has he recently learned secrets of folk medicine?

from the Indians

What happened when Chillingworth touches the scarlet letter?

The letter burned Hester

Is Chillingworth a medical doctor?

the devil's messenger

Why is Pearl often called a precocious child?

she is very smart for her age

Show how Pearl causes her mother much anxiety.

Pearl is too interested in her mother's scarlet letter

Why does Hester go to the governor's mansion?

to bring him a pair of gloves that he had ordered

How is Pearl dressed when she goes to visit the Governors mansion?

Red tunic embroidered with gold thread

How does Pearl put to flight the taunting

she stomped her feet and ran toward the children causing them to flee

What magnifies the scarlet letter much to Pearl's devilish delight

the breast plate of armor

What "great lump of vegetables" is in the governor's garden that symbolize New England?


Who is the Rev. Mr. Blackstone?

the first settler of Massechusetts, set to have ridden a bull

Describe three features of the inside of the governor's home

large windows, stucco, oak furniture

Why does Hester remain in the colony?

she thought it was her rightful place to be. Pearl's father was there

Where do she and Pearl reside?

a small cottage on the outskirts of town

How does she earn a living?

she does embroidery work for the townspeople

What one dress is Hester never asked to make?

wedding, veils

In one or two words describe Hester's relationship to society.

shunned, isolated

What often happens to Hester in church?

she was the topic of sermons

How do strangers react to the looks of the scarlet letter?

they stare

How does Hester react to the looks of strangers?

she sees it as a wound that will not heal, she is ashamed

What legend arises about the scarlet letter?

that it glowed at night and is more than just cloth

Why is Hester's needle work highly respected?

she has a great sense of style

Why does Hester name her daughter Pearl?

because she had come at a great price

Name two characteristics of Pearl.

Energetic and graceful

What three men are with the governor in the garden?

Rev. Wilson, Dimmesdale, Chillingworth

Why is there talk of taking Pearl from Hester

People are afriad that Pearl is not growing up the Christian way

How old is Pearl at this time of the Governer's Hall visit?


How has Dimmesdale changed physically since the early part of the story?

he is thin, troubled looking

How does Dimmesdale help Hester at the Governors Hall?

Says that the men should leave Pearl with her mother

What gestures of affection does Pearl make toward the minister?

she laid her cheek against his hand

How does Chillingworth propose the identity of Pearl's father be determined?

keep a close eye on Hester and Pearl

What does Mr. Wilson reply to Chillingworth's ides?

he insists that they must leave the mystery to God

Who tempts Hester as she leaves the mansion?

Mistress Hibbins

What is Hester's reply to Mistress Hibbins?

That she won't join her in the Forest day, she must take care of Pearl

Roger Chillingworth's appearance and actions lead many people to believe to associate him with what symbolic force?

the devil

has Roger Chillingworth's face changed?

he looks evil

What are two signs of Dimmesdale's failing health?

he is thin and very pale

Why do the two men occupy the same quarters?

people of the town suggested it

In what capacity does Chillingworth associate himself with Dimmesdale?

he is Dimmesdale's medical advisor

Where does Chillingworth gather the "black weeds"?

the graveyard

What does Chillingworth feel is the basis of Dimmesdale's illness?]

unconfessed sin

What does Pearl call Chillingworth?

the black man

What does Dimmesdale refuse to tell Chillingworth?

his secret

What does Pearl throw at Dimmesdale?

prickly burrs

Why are we not told what Chillingworth sees on Dimmesdale's chest while he is sleeping?

to cause the build up of suspense

What is Chillingworth's plan of revenge?

to distroy Dimmesdale and make him suffer

Cite two ways in which Dimmesdale punishes himself.

fasting, whips himself

What is the minister unable to escape in his thoughts and sleepless nights?

his guilt

On what subject does he usually preach?


What does he speculate about grass growing on his grave?

his gravesite will be too cursed that grass will not grow over it

Explain the significance of the chapter's title "the interior of the Heart"

the pain within Dimmesdale's heart is revealed

What is "somnambulism"?


Where does Dimmesdale walk on this chilly May night?

the scaffold

What does Dimmesdale do to expiate partially his guilt?

he screams

On whom would most of the people blame the strange outcry?

the witches or a nightmare

What two people come to windows at the governor's mansion?

the governor and Mistress Hibbins

Where is the Rev. Mr. Wilson coming from when he walks by the scaffold?

the death chamber of governor Winthrop

What does Dimmesdale suddenly fear about the dawn?

that people will come out of their houses and see him on the scaffold

What doe Dimmesdale ask of Hester and Pearl?

to stand there together with him

What are Hester and Pearl doing out this late at night?

Coming back from Gov. Winthop's deathbead

What does Pearl want Dimmesdale to do during the following noon?

to stand there at noon the next day for all the town to see

How is Chillingworth described as he stands near the scaffold?

he hides his face

What phenomenon lights up the sky?

a meteor

Why does Pearl become angry with Dimmesdale?

because he didnt take her hand at noon on the scaffold like she wanted

Who takes Dimmesdale home?


What personal item of Dimmesdale's does the sexton find on the scaffold?

black glove

What portent does the sexton describe?

the devil brought the glove to the scaffold; claims Dimmesdale does not need the glove because he is so pure

According to the sexton of what is the meteor a sign of?

An A. For Angel

When is the last time the four principal characters are within the shadow of the scaffold?

When Chillingworth first came to town

Who does she come upon in the woods?


Where does she plan to meet him?

on the beach

How does she propose to save the minister?

Hester decides to meet with Chillingworth to discuss

Why has Hester become stronger in these seven years?

she has built strength from the A. She is independent

Explain the statement: "The scarlet letter has not done its office".

The scarlet letter has failed to do its job, people have begun to accept her

What is the legend about the Indian arrow and the scarlet letter?

The letter repelled an Indian's arrow

As a result of Hester's good works what has the scarlet letter A come to mean to many people?


How many years have passed since Pearl was born? (chp 13)


Why is Hester worried about the minister?

he seems distroyed

What has recently been discussed about Hester in the Council?

they may remove the A

What physical change in Chillingworth shocks Hester?

he looks pure Evil

Of what evil intent toward Dimmesdale does Hester accuse Chillingworth?

he is torturing him slowly

Why had Chillingworth keep Dimmesdale alive?

So he will suffer

Why does he pity Hester?

How does he describe himself?

because all the good things about her have been put to waste.

Kind and faithful

Why does Hester pity him?

because his hatred changed him into a demon

To what desire of Chillingworth's does Hester reply?

the desire to get even with Dimmesdale

Will Chillingworth abandon his revengeful control of the minister?


What does Chillingworth mean when he says
"Let the black flower blossom as it may"?

Let the sin alone. It is your fate.

What does Hester feel about Chillingworth as he departs from their encounter?

she hates him

Why is Chillingworth gathering herbs?

for medication

What symbol does Pearl make from seaweed?


What revealing gesture of the minister has Pearl connected with her mother's wearing the scarlet letter?

hand over his heart

What does Hester reply to Pearl's question as to why she wears the scarlet letter?

she wears it for the sake of the gold thread

Where is the minister in the habit of walking?

along the shore

How long does Hester wait before meeting him?

several days

Who is the "Apostle Eliot"?

the first man to minister to the Indians

About what common superstition has Pearl learned?

the ledgend of the Black Man

Has Hester ever met the Black Man?


Why is Pearl's life like the current of the brook?

both the brook and Pearl are mysterious and lively

Whom does Pearl mistake for the Black Man?


New addition to Dimmesdale's growing frailty

he walks with a cain

Where does the minister hold his hand?

over his heart

How does Dimmesdale describe his state?

he is miserable and in despair

How does Dimmesdale feel about his ministerial duties?

has no faith, it is miserable

What does Hester say about Dimmesdale's atonement?

he has already repented his sins, the sins are behind him now

Who is described as the "One worse than even the polluted priest"?

Roger Chillingworth

What does Hester suggest Dimmesdale and she do?

get away

How does Dimmesdale react to Hester's hope and energy?

he says that he is powerless

Why is Dimmesdale unable to find immediate relief in Hester's opinion?

Hester has forgiven herself, while Dimmesdale keeps his sin a secret instead.

What does Hester say about the past?

What's done is done

How does she demonstrate her rejection of the past?

She takes off the A

When the scarlet letter is removed what change occurs in Hester?

she feels free

What does the forest symbolize?

a safe seclusion away from everything

What does the sunshine symbolize?

relief, a new beginning

How does Pearl look upon the forest?

she acts elfish and free

Why does Pearl refuse to come to her mother?

she does not recognize her mother without the A

How does the author personify the trees and the brook?

the trees whisper, and the brook babbles

How does the reflection in the brook change Pearl's appearance?

it shows the perfect image of her and she seems spiritualized

What does the brook symbolize?

Pearl herself, and the boundary between two worlds

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